Forest Officials Caution Visitors Heading To Pinecrest Lake

Pinecrest Lake, CA – Those thinking about heading to Pinecrest Lake this weekend to play in the snow will find limited services, which is just one of the reasons Stanislaus National Forest officials caution some visitors may not want to make the trip.

“Only the bathrooms near the Marina and at the Summit Ranger Station are accessible. The rest are buried under snow,” advised Stanislaus National Forest officials.

The recent winter storms have dumped several feet of snow, and more flurries are on the way tomorrow. Forest officials detailed, “There is minimal parking. The parking lots that are available in the summer are currently under snow. The roads are narrow due to the high volume of snow.”

Additionally, visitors must not park in private driveways or block roads. Regarding the clearing of snow, forest officials added, “We are doing our best to keep up with the snow. There was a lot all at once, and more is coming!”

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Written by Cam Smash

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