FORE PLAY! Golf beauty Lucy Robson’s steamy OnlyFans page has fans sweating

Meet Lucy Robson, a blonde beauty with nearly a million Instagram followers and a steamy OnlyFans account. And it’s not just beauty but talent too as this 26-year-old golf influencer boasts a one-handicap.

Robson has been getting fans hot under the collar with her sexy photos on the course posted on social media. Robson has gained in popularity not just by demonstrating her golf skills but also for pulling off jaw-dropping trick shots on her OnlyFans account that now has over 30,000 subscribers.


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Subscribers pay around $14.66 each month to watch slightly naughtier videos. Spiranac, her main competitor, doesn’t have an OnlyFans account but has 3.2 million Instagram followers. Robson is slowly catching up to Spiranac, who is said to be worth $2.67 million and plays no handicap.

Lucy though being a golf talent never took it pro instead she shows her skills to her fans on Instagram (picture credit Lucy Robson/Instagram)


Robson was born in England and raised in Surrey. However, when she was a child, her family relocated to Florida, where she developed a passion for golf. In both 2012 and 2013, she was voted Treasure Coast Player of the Year in Florida. She went on to represent the University of South Florida and subsequently California Polytechnic State University. 

Lucy has taken her talent to onlyfans where she would be giving exclusive content (picture credit/ Instagram)


While Robson never did go Pro, she instead created an Instagram account and became famous almost instantly. Her daring posts, in which she flaunts her beautiful curves, drew a lot of attention. Due to her experience in modeling, the beauty featured for FashionNova. Swagg Golf Company and Bang Energy have also backed her. She also collaborated with pasta manufacturer De Cecco on National Carbonara Day (April 6). According to sources, her brand collaborations have increased her net worth to nearly $1 million.

Her fame doubled with her OnlyFans account page. “Here is my official OnlyFans account! The only place where you can view exclusive content and be able to communicate one on one!”, she says on her Instagram bio. With an invitation link given, it can be easily said that her fans will flock to her on the other platform too to show their appreciation. 

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