Fans Can Decipher Encoded Secrets In Alesso’s NFT Debut, “Cosmic Genesis” [Exclusive] –

Alesso is going big for his NFT debut, taking fans on an audiovisual journey through the cosmos.

The forthcoming series, dubbed “Cosmic Genesis,” arrives via the eco-friendly NFT startup OneOf, a platform specifically tailored to meet the red-hot demand for artists and musicians joining the digital collectible revolution.

For fans who choose to embark on Alesso’s non-fungible token journey, the promise of free, limited edition drops await. The Swedish dance music luminary will use social media to reveal cryptic clues, which will need to be decoded through the use of a special decoder NFT. The decoder, your guide to unlocking Chapter 1 of the Cosmic Genesis story, can be attained by opting in on the OneOf website. Fans who successfully decode the message will have the Chapter 1 token airdropped to them on October 14th.

The video series includes four chapters in all, each of which represents a new curated audiovisual experience and slice of Alesso’s grand vision. Each segment includes new music from the hit-making producer. 

alesso’s decoder NFT will be your guide to deciphering the artist’s encrypted social media messages.


The tokens from Chapters 2-4, ranging in exclusivity from limited to one-of-a-kind, will be released as Alesso takes the stage at Dreamverse, the world’s first combined NFT art gallery and music festival. The New York-based event kicks off on November 4th. 

Since raising $63 million in a seed round earlier this year, tech entrepreneurs and OneOf co-founders Lin Dai, Joshua James, and Adam Fell—in partnership with Grammy Legend Award winner Quincy Jones—have had no trouble attracting top talent to test the NFT waters via the Tezos blockchain-based platform. Alesso joins artists the likes of John Legend and Doja Cat, who have singed on to mint NFT projects on the platform.

“Cosmic Genesis” will officially launch at 4PM ET (1PM ET) today, October 7th.



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