Election lawsuit spawned from ‘social media echo chamber’

Legal arguments born from an internet blackhole, filed to foment fear and spread in an effort to undermine democracy cannot go unpunished, attorneys for the city of Detroit argue in a new legal filing. 

The blistering critique from David Fink and his team could be one of the final filings U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker reviews before deciding whether to sanction Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and other attorneys involved in the so-called Michigan “Kraken” election lawsuit. 

“This lawsuit is the dangerous product of an online feedback loop, with these attorneys citing ‘legal precedent’ derived not from a serious analysis of case law, but from the rantings of conspiracy theorists sharing amateur analysis and legal fantasy in their social media echo chamber,” Fink wrote in a 20-page brief. 

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Powell, Wood and seven other attorneys played various roles in crafting and filing a federal lawsuit last fall in Michigan that alleged massive voter fraud. The suit asked Parker to force Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to overturn the state’s election results showing President Joe Biden won and award its electoral college votes to Trump. 

The suit relied on conspiracies, lies and misleading information to support its claim. Powell and her team filed similar suits in other states, where they also failed to gain any traction. 

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