Dr Mah: Teachers must be mindful on social media

KAMPAR: Teachers are role models for students and they should always be mindful of their actions and words, says Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon (pic).

The Deputy Education Minister said students would not only learn knowledge from their teachers at school, but they would also pick up some of their actions or behaviours.

“Teachers need to understand their duties and responsibilities, which is primarily to educate children.

“They need to be good examples,” he told a press conference after attending Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’s 20th-anniversary celebration here on Friday (Aug 12).

“As trained teachers, they understand their role and to educate students to be a good person with good values,” he added.

Dr Mah was asked to comment on an incident whereby a practical teacher had been accused of uploading a sexually-toned video on TikTok, which got backlash online.

The teacher is believed to have deleted the video and also issued an apology on the social media platform while clarifying that he had no ill intent for his post.

He also urged those who had uploaded posts, which contained screenshots of his original video, to delete them.

Dr Mah said the ministry would look into the incident before taking the necessary actions.

“Let us check what actually happened first.

“We always take steps to look after the students and will take the necessary actions,” he said.

“In the era of social media, what we upload will be viewed by many and maybe at that time, we may think it will not go viral.

“My advice to the people, especially teachers, is to be more careful when using social media,” he said.

“Be a good role model for students and use social media wisely when imparting knowledge,” he added.

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