Doggo upset as owner works from home, hilarious video of them ‘arguing’ goes viral

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New Delhi: As the world is forced to work from home due to the COIVD-19 pandemic, pet owners are both delighted and frustrated as they are left with a dilemma weather to spend time with their pets or manage to get some work done.

In a recent viral video, a doggo is seen ‘arguing’ with its human as the canine wants to sit on his lap and be petted while the owner is seen making his case that he has work.

The video posted on Instagram by user doggosdoingthings, we see this dog named Zeus ‘arguing’ with his human to stop their work and pay attention to him. The video is shared with the caption “Absolutely not allowed.” 

We see a man sitting on a couch with a laptop and the dog standing in front of him. We hear the man explaining that he has to work while the pet throws a mini tantrum.

The video has gathered more than 84,000 likes so far. Several users commented with similar experiences from their pets. 

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