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Digital cannabis travel guide launches for tourists in Modesto

Visit Modesto is helping cannabis tourists navigate the city’s high life.

MODESTO, Calif. — Visit Modesto is passing around a “digital cannabis travel guide” for marijuana consumers.

The MoTown CannaPass will allow users to learn about dispensary shops in the community and also learn about state and local laws while shopping for the best cannabis. CannaPass started about a year ago.

“We saw a parallel between the likes of desires of canna users and canna-curious to the amenities in Modesto which helped him start the business,” CEO of MoTown CannaPass Todd Aaronson said in an interview with ABC10. 

CannaPass is similar to beer passes and the beloved “Modesto Loves Dogs” passport the community has seen.

Recreational marijuana has been legal in California since 2016.

Aaronson said city and elected officials were on board with supporting the digital cannabis travel guide. He said before the concept was formalized he presented webinars to city and elected officials and didn’t get any negative feedback.

Aaronson acknowledges Cultivar Strategies as their first and foremost partner that “helps to train frontline workers in how to communicate with individuals who ask about cannabis.” 

“The last we want to happen is someone walks up to a hospitality worker and asks, ‘Where do I get blank?'” Aaronson said.

MoTown CannaPass faced challenges getting people on board. Aaronson said before landing his partnerships — with Visit Modesto, Cultivar Strategies, and now Cookies on a corporate level — he faced a lot of challenges.

“Some people are here just for the health impact of CBD, whether it’s my sister-in-law who has nerve damage — whatever it is, be wise and know what you can acquire and how you can acquire it,” said Aaronson to potential buyers.

For more on the MoTown CannaPass, call Visit Modesto at 209-526-5588 or visit 

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