Demand for remote jobs outpaces supply

Data: LinkedIn; Chart: Axios Visuals
Data: LinkedIn; Chart: Axios Visuals

Applicants want remote jobs, but the number of postings that allow people to work from home is dwindling as companies start to call workers back to offices.

  • By the numbers: 50% of applications submitted on LinkedIn are for remote jobs, but just 15% of postings are advertising flexible work.

đź’ˇ Why it matters: “The scaling back of remote-work policies is among the first and most visible signs of a changing job market,” The Washington Post’s Abha Bhattarai writes.

  • “Flexibility remains one of the top priorities for employees,” says Rand Ghayad, head of economics and global labor markets at LinkedIn.
  • But the balance of power is starting to shift away from workers and back to employers as the labor market shows more signs of cooling down, he says.

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