Decentraland, Solana And Keninah Concord,How Much Has The Crypto Industry Evolved?

In the years since its creation, the blockchain industry has evolved, from garnering the attention of people who didn’t believe that it was a genuine investment, to people creating tokens to mock the naysayers, to making millionaires of people.

Crypto has experienced a lot of growth and evolution, it continues to bring people from all over the globe under its wings and people are making their way into crypto for various reasons, including charity, to achieve financial freedom, and even to better enlighten others.

Keninah Concord (KEN)

The Keninah Concord (KEN) platform is a fully decentralized platform that engages all the benefits offered by DeFi and is also powered by the community.

Keninah was created from the need to lend a helping hand to individuals that have had their lives put in disarray by the effects and after-effects of war. While the world may seem like it is in a calm state, there are countries all over the world plagued by disasters and suffering caused by endless war, Keninah seeks to offer them a respite from their toiling.

The Keninah Concord platform was built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and it set out to build a platform for people who wish to donate and to also help them get transparency on how their money is spent which is not something that traditional charity methods necessarily offer, it’ll also help victims with a chance to receive a swift response to requests they make on the platform.

The creation of this platform on blockchain technology just goes to show just how much crypto has evolved because, in its early stages, crypto would not have been used for something like this as most people did not understand or trust it.

What Is The Mission of The Keninah Concord Platform?

The Keninah Concord (KEN) platform hopes to achieve an interface that is simple and accessible because most people that’ll make their way onto the platform to make use of its service may not have had any prior experience with the blockchain technology and the Keninah platform wants to ensure that it is easy for them to find their way around it so that it is easy for them to donate and for their recipients to receive help swiftly.

A world where people can carry out donations at the click of a few buttons without the constraints that come with traditional financing and their recipients would only need to click a few buttons to also receive the help they requested.

The Token Economics Of The Keninah Concord (KEN) Platform.

The native utility token for Keninah Concord is KEN.

Keninah Concord has token economics that is uniquely structured and allows it to stand out from other tokens. It has a smart contract embedded in it, which would allow or be a fee of 10% on each transaction carried out, this 10% would be broken down in multiple ways, with 4% being redirected back to all the holders of the KEN token, 3% split between KEN/BNB), and used as a fund for the liquidity pool for the platform stakers and the 5% left would be sent to the wallet of the Keninah charity, where every other fund donated is kept.

There would be a 5 billion KEN token supplied, with a 20% discount for presale contributors to encourage them even more.

Keninah Concord will have a maximum contribution for the project so individuals contributing during the crowd sale would be able to do it easily.

Since Keninah Concord is based on DeFi, it’ll be an added advantage to the platform to have a large number of token holders without any restrictions.

How To Buy Keninah Concord?

Keninah Concord (KEN) being charity related is one of the key reasons needed for you to pick an interest in it. What better way to make your way into the blockchain industry than giving to those in need?

If it has captured your attention and you want to purchase it, you can get this token using several other cryptocurrencies like BNB, BTC, and ETH, which also offer you a bonus from buying with them, during the presale, for example, getting KEN tokens with BTC would give you an 11% bonus.

To start your purchase, you make your way to the presale dashboard on the website, and begin setting up your account, while setting up, you’ll be shown where to input just how much you’ll be spending on buying the KEN token, and put down your desired amount.

Once you have finished setting up your account, you’ll receive another prompt that’ll require you to log in and once again input the amount you wish to spend on the token, in a drop box, you’ll see an option of various cryptocurrencies to pick from, the screen will also show you the bonuses you are eligible for depending on the currency you decide to use for purchase and the time of your purchase.

Once you have decided on an amount and you choose your preferred currency, click pay and you’ll be directed to the wallet address you’ll pay into, along with the amount expected of you.

When your purchase has been approved by the Keninah platform, you’ll get your tokens on your dashboard, you can sit back, relax and watch out for the potential rise of your tokens.

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is a platform that millions have found their way into the blockchain world, not only has it helped in the NFT industry, with it being accepted by the biggest Ethereum NFT marketplace.

Solana (SOL) offers a secure network and it also boasts of having the fastest transaction speed. It is a testament to how much growth the industry has experienced.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA) is software running on the Ethereum network, it was created to incentivize a global network of users to allow them to operate a shared virtual world.

Crypto started this industry and more creations are popping up to help with the growth of the industry, one can only wonder how much the industry would have evolved in the next five years.

There are high hopes for the industry and it’ll be interesting to watch what other crypto platforms are built and see what other changes are made in the coming future.

What Makes Keninah Concord Unique?

The difference between Keninah and other platforms is that Keninah was built to help those in need.

The entire existence of Keninah is what makes it unique from the other platforms in existence, it is not just a way of monetizing crypto but it is also a way of making a huge change in the world.

When individuals from war-ridden countries make use of all that Keninah has to offer, it would motivate them to find out everything they need to know about crypto and also get into it the crypto space, when they are in a much stable environment, they may choose to give back just as Keninah gave to them, creating a world of grateful people trying to give back to others. Keninah (KEN) will be a force of change.


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