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December 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans » OnlyFans

Romeo Larmond is a musician, dancer, actor and content creator based between the UK and LA. After singing from a young age and embarking on a journey to create music that brings chilled vibes, he’s been able to carve out a successful career. His songs ‘Spaceship’, ‘Do Something’, ‘Right Here Again’, ‘Explode’, ‘Taste U’ and ‘Justice’ have all appeared on streaming services and his profile on social media and on his OnlyFans page keeps on growing.

Speaking about his love for OnlyFans, Romeo Larmond said:

“I’m so excited and happy for future prospects from the OnlyFans team. You have been watching me post content that I know people love, may it be music or just everyday lifestyle, you have given me the platform to show off my creative content to the world. OnlyFans, I can only thank you to reaching out to me [and] giving me this opportunity to be a great and successful content creator. [This is a] platform I will recommend for anyone in the creative industry.

My talents are just endless, from becoming a musician, dancer, singer and actor, just keep watching as we grow as a family.

I thank you, OnlyFans.”

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