Data: Olympics Provided Short-Lived Bump for Peacock

The event that drove the most Peacock mobile app downloads from the Olympics, which ran from July 23 to Aug. 8, was the women’s gymnastics team final, which took place on July 27. 

That’s according to data provided exclusively to Variety Intelligence Platform by app analytics firm Apptopia, which found that between June 1 and Aug. 31, downloads of the Peacock app peaked at about 211,000 on July 27. Peacock app downloads decreased nearly every day Aug. 1-8. 

VIP+ last month speculated that many Americans likely downloaded Peacock on July 27 to watch the women’s gymnastics team final, as the U.S. women’s gymnastics team had won gold in London and Rio.  

Gymnastics was the most anticipated Summer Olympics sport among U.S. adults, a July survey by Morning Consult found.  

News of U.S. gymnastics star Simone Biles withdrawing from the competition on July 27 could have also driven some consumers to download Peacock to catch coverage of the Games. 

That said, mobile represents only a slice of consumers’ SVOD viewing, and it’s possible that much of Peacock’s viewers, as well as other SVODs’ viewers, come from places like connected TVs.  

Additionally, downloading the Peacock app is not the same thing as becoming a paying subscriber of the platform; some Peacock content is available free on an ad-supported basis. But new ad-supported Peacock users are still important for NBCU’s ad revenue goals. 

What may now be more surprising is that Peacock’s mobile app didn’t appear to experience a similar surge in downloads due to Olympics basketball, one of the other most anticipated Summer Olympics sports among U.S. adults surveyed by Morning Consult. 

But when measured by August in-app purchase (IAP) revenue, Peacock was no. 9 among the top 10 video streaming apps globally, according to Apptopia. That’s the same ranking Peacock held among the top 10 IAP revenue generating SVOD apps globally in July. 

The year-over-year growth in Peacock’s August IAP revenue was massive relative to the other top IAP revenue-generating SVOD apps. But remember that Peacock didn’t start its national rollout until July 2020 and had many of its originals delayed until 2021, and that suggests its IAP revenue in August 2020 would be a relatively small base. 

Something else positive for NBCU is that Peacock was among the top 10 downloaded SVOD apps globally in August, according to Apptopia.  

Yes, the global downloads figure of the Peacock app last month was small in comparison to that of the Netflix and Disney+ apps, but that’s because Peacock is still U.S. only. 

What’s impressive is that Peacock in August received nearly 300,000 more app downloads than Hulu, another major U.S.-only SVOD. 

The daily downloads of several of the most downloaded SVOD apps globally remained relatively flat throughout August, but that metric was more volatile for platforms like Prime Video, HBO Max and Disney+. 

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