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Computers, artificial intelligence make art at a risky price

Last year, I joined the Cape Cod Art Center and discovered a world of talented artists. What follows is the product of several fascinating discussions with the group.  

I’ve been a photographer for over 40 years but only in retirement have I been able to turn my focus from documenting school life to portraits and fine arts photography.  There’s a world of graphic apps that allows you to take your original work and reimagine it into something else. 

Lawrence Brown

Last fall, I had a small graphically altered photo on the Cape Cod Art Center’s wall. A woman teaching a painting class pointed at it and complained that she’d spent hours to make a painting — “and this fellow just punched a few buttons.” 

These days, if your camera (or smartphone) is your original instrument, the computer has become your second. And since your computer and its apps have brains of their own, graphic alterations have become a kind of collaboration in a way straight photography isn’t. 

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