Community Coins Lead The Adoption Of Crypto: Big Eyes Coin Aims To Raise $50 Million And Join The Ranks Of Dogecoin And Uniswap

The intricate crypto landscape is only just beginning to develop. The community, which serves as the cryptocurrency industry’s cornerstone, is considered essential to a new crypto project’s success. The adoption and growth of cryptocurrencies worldwide are primarily attributed to the knowledge exchanged by crypto enthusiasts.

The crypto community members share the obligation of collaborative efforts to achieve greater expansion and change owing to the decentralisation of blockchain technology.

Members of the crypto community perform various duties relative to their skills and experience. The vitality of the cryptocurrency depends on several factors, including contributions to open-source code, the development of applications based on the underlying technology, assistance with fundraising, and more.

The strength of a group’s network effect is determined by the total number of members, their connections, and the calibre of their collaborations. Decentralisation ensures that no single individual has total control over a cryptocurrency project. Instead, a large number of people are in charge and working to advance the initiative.

There are many different ways that cryptocurrencies involve their community members, from a full DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) governance to impressive social media campaigns. Despite the differences between the functions that a Uniswap (UNI) DAO performs to a Dogecoin (DOGE) community engagement, both of them have a certain purpose that helps these projects prosper and grow. How will the crypto newcomer Big Eyes Coin (BIG) define the value of its community?

What Are Key Purposes Of a DAO?

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are coordinated by their participants and are not governed by a centralised authority. They are defined by rules embedded in a transparent computer programme. DAO rules are approved by community vote. The decision-making process within the organisation is democratised by giving each member of the community a voice.

The crypto industry gains from DAOs in a number of important ways. Because DAO is decentralised and transparent, its users have full control over maintaining the protocol. Smart contracts are used to automate DAOs, and decisions are made automatically with no additional fees to third parties.

Accessibility and community engagements are additional crucial advantages that help the initiatives and the communities. Cryptocurrencies directly profit from enabling individuals from all over the world to collaborate, thereby promoting diversity and development.

Members of the community profit from the rare opportunities to influence and shape the direction of the cryptocurrency industry. In exchange for their participation, contributors can receive various financial benefits.

Uniswap (UNI) DAO Considers Uniswap Foundation

The largest DAO in the cryptocurrency industry was launched on the most well-known decentralised exchange in the world. In September 2020, Uniswap (UNI) introduced its governance token and solidified its position as a notable DAO. The community-controlled DeFi (Decentralised finance) tool for Uniswap users is the core functionality of Uniswap, the finest DAO project. For instance, the volume increased exponentially after Uniswap voted to lower trading fees in some stablecoin swaps.

For one of Web3’s most well-known exchanges, a new governing body has been suggested. The Uniswap DAO is debating the idea of establishing a separate Uniswap Foundation to collaborate with Uniswap Labs on expanding the protocol. A suggestion to establish a stand-alone Uniswap Foundation was made in the Uniswap governance forum. The Foundation would have multiple objectives, including promoting the decentralised exchange protocol and supporting the protocol’s expansion and governance process.

To run a Uniswap Grants Program, the foundation decided to ask for $60 million in the proposal. The programme would provide funding for initiatives aimed at fostering community development, protocol development, research and design, decentralised decision-making, and governance preservation. The team will also be paid for three years with a supplemental $14 million in discretionary funds, according to the request. The Foundation would come back to the DAO with a fresh request for additional funding after eighteen months.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Proves How Important Is The Community Support

The father of meme coins would likely not be doing so well in the crypto market if not for its community that shows a strong belief in the successful future of Dogecoin (DOGE) despite its lack of real-world applications and utility. Since its creation in 2013, the Dogecoin community has significantly expanded. There are currently a huge number of stakeholders who desire to see the coin succeed in the cryptocurrency market. Many individuals using social media sites like Reddit, TikTok, and Twitter belong to the Dogecoin community.

The coin’s value has been raised using social media platforms. On TikTok, there has been an initiative to get more people to use Dogecoin for trading. In addition, a Reddit user group renowned for its influence on the value of Gamestop’s stock in 2021 has driven the adoption of Dogecoin. Simple social media influencer actions like Tweets have caused a sudden increase in the coin’s value. One of these occurrences took place when a Twitter user going by the handle “WSB Chairman” suggested that Dogecoin’s value could rise above $1. The coin’s value increased to $0.07 as a result of this remark.

Community-Meme Big Eyes Coin (BIG) To Revolutionise The Industry

Big Eyes (BIG) enters the market with a particular goal in mind and seeks to become a widely used community-meme token, improving the world. The Big Eyes project is a novel effort to safeguard the oceans while benefiting the cryptocurrency community and decentralised finance (DeFi) in general. The donations and sales revenue from the goods will be sent to marine sanctuaries through a special donation wallet that will be included in the project.

This appealing charitable idea is founded on the Big Eyes mascot, an adorably cute cat that asserts that aquatic life must be protected in order for it to have a sufficient amount of fish to consume. The endearing cat mascot was created as a reaction to the excessive number of dog-themed meme coins, and Big Eyes is prepared to use the collective strength of its community to surpass industry heavyweights, including the father of meme coins, Dogecoin. The Big Eyes team understands that a strong and spirited community needs causes to support, and its mascot suggests that the cause for ocean conservation be the most significant.

Big Eyes recognises that every cryptocurrency has its heart and soul in the community. Consequently, the venture promises to always prioritise the demands of its community and reward their dedication to the project, even when Big Eyes Coin becomes well-known and prosperous.

The Big Eyes environment also heavily relies on NFTs, with the goal of ranking among some of the top ten NFT initiatives in the cryptocurrency industry. For the NFT holders on the platform, Big Eyes is creating an exclusive NFT Sushi Crew club where they can take advantage of exceptional rewards and purchase the best NFTs available.

Although the Big Eyes Coin is still in its infancy, it has a good chance of competing with the biggest players in the crypto world. With a clear roadmap in place, Big Eyes is poised for an exciting future as it strives to dominate the market while serving the needs of its community.



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