‘Come on’: Social media users urge Parliament to have an emergency meeting on fires

* Photo: Mustafa Çiftçi / AA

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It was nearly a month ago when several social media started tweeting messages under the hashtag #HADİ, which means “Come on” and is abbreviation of the words “We want rights, justice and democracy” in Turkish, and expressed their shared demands for rights in the face of several issues and developments such as plunder, unemployment, poverty, the mafia order, the current state of universities and party closures, among many others.

The hashtag #HADİ has once again become a trending topic on Twitter in Turkey, this time in the context of forest fires across the country.

Making a call for serving justice, eliminating losses of rights and establishing democracy, social media users have also urged the Parliament to have an emergency meeting to discuss the issue of fires.

Several writers, journalists and academics have also supported the social media campaign. Some of these messages are as follows:

“This is our call for emergency action for forests!”

“Friends; our only issue must be this today. The issue is VERY serious, there is NO way to make up for this. We need to convene the Parliament urgently.

“It is simple. There is a call for action for forests. Let’s convene the Parliament this week or even on Monday (today).”

“Parliament to duty for forests. Come on.”


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