Chinese TikTok Star Xiao Qiumei Fell to Death While Filming Video on a Crane

  • Xiao Qiumei, an influencer who was popular on the Chinese version of TikTok, died after a fall.
  • The Sun reported that the 23-year-old was videoing herself in a crane cabin when she fell. 
  • Xiao was known for regularly sharing videos of her job as a crane operator on social media. 
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Xiao Qiumei, an influencer from China, reportedly died after falling from a 160-foot tower crane while recording herself for a social media video in the city of Quzhou, China.

The Sun reported that the 23-year-old was speaking into a camera in what appears to be a crane cabin when she fell.

Footage obtained by the outlet shows the camera suddenly switched to blurry images of equipment flying past the lens. 

The Sun reported that witnesses saw Xiao fall to the ground with her phone still in her hand on Tuesday 20 at around 5:40 p.m. when most of her co-workers went home.

Xiao was the mother of two children and a tower crane operator. According to the Sun, the family confirmed her death, stating that she fell as a result of a misstep. 

She was well known on social media sites, including the Chinese version of TikTok, known as Douyin, for regularly sharing videos of her daily life and profession with a large amount of followers, according to the Sun and other outlets.

Earlier this month, an influencer from Hong Kong reportedly died after falling from a waterfall while taking a picture. While taking photos near the waterfall on the Tsing Dai stream, Sophia Cheung slipped and plunged into a 16-foot-deep pool, The Daily Mail reported.

A Mexican fitness influencer also recently died after undergoing a botched medical procedure to treat excessive underarm sweating, according to reports. She suffered from a cardiac arrest while being anaesthetized, the New York Post reported.





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