Chinese man rants over birth of newborn daughter; blasted on social media

Chinese social media users were aghast after a man ranted against his wife as she gave birth to a baby girl.

China’s social media site Weibo was flooded with comments as the man claimed that he had “rotten luck” to get a daughter and could not “bear to stay in hospital for a single minute”.

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The man reportedly said that he was so disappointed that he did not even want to name his newborn daughter as he took to social media to express his views. In a post the man wrote that he would divorce his wife for giving birth to a girl, however, he later said the post was sent before his wife gave birth claiming it was a “complaint”.

The man asserted that he wanted a boy and was under stress as he had lost money in a scam as social media users blasted the man’s “feudal idea”.

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China recorded a drop in fertility rate for the fourth consecutive year until 2020 as experts warned the number of newborns could drop to below 10 million in a few years. In a report released two year ago the World Bank said China’s fertility rate stood at 1.7 which was one of the lowest in the world declining sharply over the decades. 

According to the World Bank, China’s fertility rate stood at 5.8 in 1960 but has declined sharply since the 1980s. The Chinese government had introduced the one-child policy in 1979 a year after announcing big ticket economic reforms in 1978.

In 2015, the Chinese Communist Party ended the one-child policy. According to the latest Chinese data, the gender ratio remains skewed in the country with 723 million males compared to 689 million females. 

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