Chevrolet Camaro Becomes Tesla-Fighting Four-Door EV in Digital Rendering

Chevrolet Camaro Becomes Tesla-Fighting Four-Door EV in Digital Rendering

Muscle cars aren’t going away anytime soon, but they will eventually move into electric car territory. It’s no mystery that both Ford and Dodge are planning to turn the Mustang and Challenger into EVs and a recent rumor suggests that Chevy wants to do the same with the Camaro. However, the latter could ditch its two-door configuration to become a Tesla-fighting sedan.
But will the four-door EV still look like a Camaro or will Chevy go with a totally different design? Well, keeping the Camaro design language alive is a must if GM wants the nameplate to live on, but the electric architecture will lead to notable styling changes.

YouTube pixel master “TheSketchMonkey” is the latest to join the ranks of those who created digital renditions of the upcoming sedan. And his take is a bit different than the Cadillac-inspired EV we saw earlier this month.

Instead of borrowing from other GM products, this designer went with a more traditional approach and kept the roofline similar to the current Camaro coupe. The rest of the car is also heavily based on the ongoing model; it’s basically a sixth-gen Camaro ZL1 with a stretched wheelbase and a front grille delete.

And don’t get mad about the “ZL1” badge on the front hood. With the GMC Hummer EV capable of up to 1,000 horsepower, General Motors has the means to develop a high-performance Camaro EV worthy of its historic badges. The muscle car may take the all-electric route, but this doesn’t mean that the ZL1, the Z28, and the COPO will disappear into the history books.

I’m pretty sure Chevrolet will go with a more significant overhaul for the seventh-gen Camaro, but this rendering is still an interesting peek into the future. At least if you want to get an idea as to how a four-door Camaro might look like.

Should Chevrolet go after the Tesla Model 3 with the next-generation Camaro? Or should it keep the nameplate in the two-door territory? Yes, I know, we all want the Camaro to retain a gasoline-fed V8, but that’s nothing more than wishful thinking at this point.

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