Carmel Police and Carmel High School are investigating social media posts claiming sexual assault allegations within student body

CARMEL, Ind. – Both Carmel Police and Carmel High School are investigating social media posts that include claims of sexual assault allegations between students. An anonymous student reached out to our newsroom Friday afternoon sharing information regarding these social media claims.

The school can confirm that they did receive reports of these social media allegations through their anonymous reporting system. To be clear, these allegations are between students, and no faculty are involved.

Parents shared with us a letter that they received from the school. Inside it, the school details their StopIt anonymous reporting system. They also encourage students to use it rather than spread information on social media.

In our conversations with parents and students, there was a fear that the school may be silencing information. Under Title IX reporting, the school by law must investigate and resolve complaints of sexual assault. Anyone who reports allegations must also be protected from threats or intimidation.

Carmel Clay Schools gave this statement:

“We are aware of the allegations made on social media and through our anonymous reporting system. Carmel Clay Schools, along with the Carmel Police Department, is investigating each accusation, and encourages anyone with information to report it to the proper authority.”

If you have any information regarding these allegations you are urged to come forward to Carmel Police.

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