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Cannabis Establishments Banned In Enfield Per Town Council Vote

ENFIELD, CT — Cannabis establishments will not be allowed to operate in Enfield following the passage of a prohibitive ordinance Tuesday night by the town council.

In a party line vote, six council Republicans voted in favor of a resolution banning all types of cannabis establishments, while three Democrats voted against the measure. Republicans Joe Bosco and Donna Szewczak were not present.

In accordance with the ordinance, “All cannabis establishments, producers, dispensary facilities, cultivators, micro-cultivators, retailers, hybrid retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, product packagers, delivery services or transporters, any other types of licensed cannabis-related businesses, or the conducting of any such activity for commercial purposes by whichever name used, are and shall be prohibited within the Town of Enfield.

“This prohibition shall not be construed to affect-the medical use of cannabis as expressly
authorized by Bill No. 1201, section 83, as the same may be amended from time to time.”

Prior to the meeting, a public hearing on the matter attracted 30 speakers, of which 22 were against the prohibition. The hearing lasted an hour and 40 minutes, with many speakers criticizing the proposal to ban a marijuana dispensary in the same town where at least 15 liquor stores operate.

Many spoke of the dangers of alcohol far outweighing the consequences of marijuana. Marge Perry, whose sister Mary Lou Strom was mayor of Enfield for many years, said, “Alcohol kills babies, cigarettes killed my sister.”

A number of speakers called on the councilors to put the issue to the voters at referendum.

“Only leadership with courage would say let’s look at this a little more and put it to referendum,” Jeffrey Scott said.

On the opposite side of the issue, Marie Pyznar called the recent legalization of cannabis in Connecticut “nothing but a money grab by our state.”

A number of councilors who voted in favor of the ban said they worried about the possible effects on children.

“Acceptance of recreational marijuana in our town is unacceptable to our children,” councilor Kelly Hemmeler said. Councilor Charlotte Riley said her main worry is edibles in packaging designed to appeal to children.

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