Buff Bagwell Issues Video Statement on Social Media Controversy, Missing Merchandise, Michael Long, More

Former WCW star Buff Bagwell has been a trending topic on social media since it was revealed earlier that he was not the one running his official Twitter account, and that there are some issues over missing merchandise. Bagwell has just issued a brand new video to address the controversy.

Bagwell had been developing a newer fanbase in recent months, made up of a lot of younger fans, due to some of the tweets his account was making. Many of the tweets were somewhat political and culture-related, with a lot of them being on progressive topics, but the tweets also included comments on whatever pro wrestler or wrestling event might be trending at that time. While he was making new fans, Bagwell was also winning over those who may have criticized him in the past. However, it was revealed today, after much speculation, that Bagwell’s manager was the one running the account, a man who goes by Michael “Fluff” Long.

The situation really heated up in the last week when fans revealed how they paid for merchandise but never received it. Bagwell has since parted ways with his former manager. People have noted that they were blocked by the man, and his Twitter account at @MLongComedy is now deactivated. It was alleged that the “Michael Long” person, based on interactions related to the purchase, is actually a man named Javan Miller, who is on the Ohio Sex Offender Registry.

The man wrote on the Bagwell Discord server and Facebook page, “Appreciate everyone’s support of Buff these last few months. I was running Buffs twitter and other social media since last year, we have gone our separate ways due to a variety of reasons. I will not say anything bad about Marc and have no problem being the fall guy for whatever issues their are with merchandise. Enjoyed getting to know you all, though I was posting for Buff it was my beliefs and opinions being tweeted.”

Bagwell made a series of tweets a few days back where he addressed the situation, and revealed that he had parted ways with the man. Buff wrote, “I have informed Michael that our business relationship is over, and that he needs to get people what they are owed. I will continue on him to do so. For now on the only merch available is through my PWT store, or in person at conventions. That way their is accountability and everything is personally handled by me. When I said I was blocking anyone not involved in the situation who comments, I meant anyone. I guess the thing that blows my mind the most is I know he has the stuff, I personally signed every top hat and got half the bracelets. I’m not sure where or why it went wrong.”

Regarding the merchandise issues, one fan paid $250 for a personalized WCW Tag Team Title belt on May 1, but said he still hasn’t received it, and he got nothing but “radio silence” when he started asking for a refund.

Bagwell responded to that fan and wrote, “I made the mistake of trusting the wrong person to do my merchandise. I take 100% blame for that. I have not seen a dime for anything ordered, and was told by Michael that refunds would be going out. I haven’t spoken to him since Thursday night, I thought it was taken care of”

The fan then wrote back that he sends texts directly to Bagwell, but still gets no response.

Bagwell wrote back, “I get hundreds of text a day, I try to get to all of them, but with life that goes on its hard. I make sure to answer your calls whenever I am around my phone”

The fan responded, “Will this actually be resolved? Cause I keep getting the same thing. Going on 2 months of my money being played with”

Bagwell replied, “Yes it will be resolved one way or another”

Another fan wrote that they still have not received a bracelet they paid for. Bagwell responded, “I have some bracelets that were given to me, I’m going to work on a way to get what I have to people”

Bagwell issued a new video statement in response to the issues this evening, which you can see below. He noted that he has been filming the “Change or Die” docuseries with WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page, and that it really is “change or die” for him. Bagwell commented on the support he’s received, and said he realizes he has more he needs to work on, and he will stick it out until then.

Bagwell first addressed the merchandise issues. He said the missing merchandise recently came to his attention and it’s unfortunate that Long dropped the ball and a lot of fans didn’t receive certain merchandise they ordered. Bagwell apologized from the bottom of his heart and said he did not receive any money from that merchandise. He also addressed Long’s aforementioned criminal record and how he’s on the Ohio Sex Offender Registry, noting that he does not condone this at all, and that this is a situation Long has to deal with on his own. Bagwell reiterated that he does not condone what Long was convicted of, and said he didn’t know of the criminal record when he hired him. He promised he won’t make the same mistake in the future, adding that Long has his own problems going on right now.

Bagwell also addressed the talk on how he wasn’t posting to his social media accounts. He said that really bothers him a lot, and he tried to explain how he has a “team” that works on his social media, but the message didn’t come off well. Bagwell said he’s a huge part of his social media and he loves the interactions he has with the fans, and from now on he will be a lot more active on his social accounts.

Many of Bagwell’s recent tweets that have won over new fans for him have been related to LGBT people. In this new video, Bagwell addressed people wondering if he really does support LGBT now that it’s been revealed someone else has been running his accounts. This message also didn’t come out too clear, but Bagwell said he supports anyone who is happy in life, and “Buff Is For Everyone” like it said on the t-shirt he sold. He added that he is for everyone that believes in themselves.

Bagwell ended his video by saying, “The last thing I want to say today is… I really hope everybody really listens to this and really looks through their camera into my eyes and can see and really feel my heart of where I’m at with this because this means so much to me, of what’s gone on through the good and the bad stuff, and I just hate that, you know, from the merchandise, to you know, Michael having his problems, to the whole thing… I hate that all of this happened. I will look forward from now on to making this, being a part of this much more, and making sure this kind of stuff will not happen again, and the main thing is, to know that you’re talking to Marcus Alexander Bagwell today, and I want you to know Marcus Alexander Bagwell stands by his name, his word, and he just wants to say that I love you guys and I’m sorry for anything that’s happened to anybody out there that I’ve hurt, and I hope that everybody out there still supports me, still loves me, and just remembers that I’m still Buff Bagwell.”

There’s no word yet on what’s next from Bagwell or how this will impact his current run on the indies, but we will keep you updated.

Stay tuned to for more. You can see Bagwell’s video and some of the related tweets below:

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