Buc-ee’s birthday party theme goes viral on TikTok

Buc-ee’s is a chain of travel centers known for clean bathrooms and many fueling positions.

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There’s a new party planner in town and his name is Buc-ee. The bushy-tailed beaver mascot recently found himself as the center of attention at a Buc-ee’s-themed birthday bash at one of his many mojo dojo casa houses.

This year Tennessee TikToker, real estate agent, and travel planner Jamie Spinner set out to do something big for her 35th birthday and wanted to bring her friends along with her for the ride. Spinner and several of her friends chartered a party bus driven by a flattering imitation of the mascot dressed in their beaver best to travel to their nearest Buc-ee’s.

Spinner shared the next level birthday blow out on TikTok and Instagram where the videos have amassed more than 1.5 million views. They kicked off the celebration in style with a Buc-ee’s cake that said, “Lets get Buc-wild!” and guests showed off their fits while they shopped and browsed the store. The celebration was topped off with a Buc-ee’s picnic in the parking lot of the Crossville, Tennessee location between Nashville and Knoxville. 


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Since it was posted on TikTok last week, the video has garnered over 1.5 million views, nearly 140,000 likes, and 850 comments. In the comments, users expressed their mutual obsession with the beaver and praised the party for its originality.

“If this isn’t my next birthday, I don’t want it,” a user by the name of @gigglechicks wrote while another commented with, “Birthday goals!!!” @bgirl1017 praised the idea saying, “life goals!”

The love of the beaver knew no bounds for @lateestees who vowed to make the adventure herself one day. “I am obsessed with Buc-ee’s and one day I’m going to take a trip to Texas only to go to Buc-ee’s. I don’t care about anything else.”


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Another TikTok user recalled another birthday trip to Buc-ee’s in the comments, but it wasn’t their own. “NOOO WAYYY my dad made us take a 3 hour road trip to the St. Augustine Buc-ee’s for his birthday this year,” said. It also brought back fond memories for Megan Hamilton who said, “My daughter celebrated her 16th by us road tripping to Buc-ee’s in Florence, South Carolina.”

The video also inspired a few future birthday party plans for others like Amanda Delaup who said, “My 4y/o daughter is obsessed with Buc-ee’s and now this is their 21st birthday plan.” 

While some were already making plans for the future, others were asked where their invites were. “Where do I sign up to be part of this?” @lookatlyssa asked.

The video did remind people a little closer to Buc-ee’s neck of the woods to stop and enjoy it from time to time.


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“I stop at Buc-ee’s every week to fill up and I forget that it’s an actual tourist destination. I need to slow down & appreciate it more,” @jenndoestaxes said. @_maryann_c wrote, “Lol… the way I go to Buc-ee’s all the time thinking it’s ‘just’ a gas station with good snacks but people are literally taking buses… HBD!”

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