Britney Spears Shuts Down Social Media Message From Her Mom

Britney Spears is NOT interested in any type of family reunion anytime soon!

After an explosive 2021, where the newlywed popstar was finally released from a 13-year-long conservatorship and finally granted the freedom to speak freely about the unjust treatment she received while under the conservatorship, Spears has made it abundantly clear she does not want to have anything to do with her family.

In the months following the conservatorship’s termination last fall, Spears has often revealed her feelings about her family in the captions of her Instagram posts. We’re well familiar with Spears’ feelings surrounding her father and younger sister Jamie Lynn, but the “…Baby One More Time” singer is also at odds with her mother, Lynne.

Inside Mother And Daughter’s Strained Relationship

Lynne Spears

Spears’ formerly tight relationship with her mother is no more. She has made her opinion of her mother extremely clear since the conservatorship’s termination, even crediting the idea of the conservatorship to her mother.

According to a report from The Blast, Spears has also refused to partake in any visits with her mother, and she was also famously left off of the guest list for her June nuptials to Sam Asghari.

The mother and daughter duo’s strained relationship has also made its way into Spears’ Instagram feed, as well. Last November, Spears wrote that her mother, “secretly ruined my life… and yes, I’ll call her [and Lou Taylor] out on it…”

No Insta-Love Here!

Most recently, Mama Spears attempted to weigh in on her daughter’s commentary in an Instagram post where she had once again taken a sly jab at her family.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 40-year-old had been intrigued by a graphic attributed to influencer Molly B. Sims, which features a quote in black text reading, “Gonna go lay under the tree to remind my family that I am a gift.” The origins of the quote are unknown.

Spears’ moment of self-confidence was briefly interrupted when she received a comment on the photo from her mother, wherein she attempted to reassure her daughter she had always valued her for her entire life.

She wrote, “You were the first baby girl of the three of us! We all saw you as a precious gift. Aunt Sandra soooo wanted a little girl! Then came Laura Lynne! My sister and I so enjoyed having you two and sometimes in the same crib!” (via Entertainment Tonight)

Longtime devotees of the pop princess may remember her formerly close relationship with her cousin Laura Lynn and Laura Lynn’s mother Sandra Covington, Spears’ aunt, who passed away in 2007. Extensive interviews with the Covington ladies can be seen in the 1999 documentary about Spears, “Star Baby Scrapbook.”

Spears was NOT having her mother’s presence in her comment section. She put an end to any potential for more interaction and deleted the photo!

However, fans know Spears is never one to be silenced. She later reposted the graphic to her feed later on.

A New Spin On An Old Classic

Anyone who is relatively familiar with Spears’ Instagram feed knows it is rare for her to look back on positive memories.

However, she recently made an exception by paying tribute to her debut single “…Baby One More Time!” She gave a sultry rendition of the 90s classic, and also revealed she had been denied the opportunity to release “a different version” of ‘BOMT.’

“But as the team said NO and serves me with 4 girls, my sister included,” she wrote in the caption, which also included a variety of emojis of course,  “doing a 5-minute version of 4 different songs to a T, not even to give effort or dance… just shot it beautifully and the sound was NEW!!!”

She was NOT happy with the recording session. She also revealed she was made to feel “like absolutely nothing” by the producers, and also attributed the “ruined” experience to producers. (per The Blast)


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