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Link.Ability is a New Zealand book written by Lynnaire Johnston, and full of valuable insights, essential know-how and practical tips to help you get the best from LinkedIn.

It is broken into four sections, Connecting, Publishing, Engaging and Direct Messaging and covers topics such as “Becoming the company of choice in your industry”, “Being invited to speak at international events”, “Achieve recognition as a leader in your field of expertise” and “landing the job of your dreams”.

Connecting looks at strategies to make sure you connect with those who are potential clients or advantageous to you in other ways, rather than just amassing connections for the sake of it.

Publishing covers the various ways of posting, revealing the best practice and how to get the most from your content.

Engaging covers how to engage in a way that adds value via commenting and sharing other people’s posts.

Direct Messaging discusses the advantages of LinkedIn messaging versus email.

LinkedIn, like all social media, is a bit of a ‘black box’ to most people. Lynnaire has deep experience working within LinkedIn and advising clients of her Word Wizard business ( ) on how best to use it.

Learn how to navigate LinkedIn in the most beneficial way possible through Link.Ability – available in print, digital and audio versions.


Title: Link.Ability

Author and Publisher: Lynnaire Johnston

Available from:


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