BeReal is the new Gen Z social media platform, and I tried it out so you don’t have to

Sometimes, I feel like I’m overstepping boundaries when I peer further into what Gen Z is up to these days. I feel like we already ruined TikTok for them, so looking into another safe haven of theirs doesn’t seem so nice to do. If anything, I’m finding out what BeReal is out of curiousity and for information—do without further ado, here I go.

What is BeReal?

BeReal is described as the “anti-social media” social media platform, and it’s currently popular with Gen Z users. The app sends its users a notification every day at a different time—prompting everyone to simultaneously capture and share a photo in 2 minutes.

This basically means that BeReal encourages people to post what they are currently doing at the time, without any editing or anything else. It is a contrast to how Instagram posts work—where you only post the best of what you want to show.

You’re able to download BeReal on the App Store or on Google Play. In its description, it basically explains that it is a social media platform that makes you “capture and share what you’re doing” within two minutes of a notification. You’re also able to comment and react with your friends.

After downloading it, you’ll be asked basic personal details like your name, birthday, and phone number—as well as a username of your choice. You can also find and add friends based on your contacts.

Right away, I was already prompted to take a post of what was in front of me. And since I was watching a Kpop live stream (while working, of course!) I felt like it was in the spirit of BeReal to take that picture. Simultaneously, the app is also taking a selfie picture of myself—which you can see in the first image above this paragraph.

The app also gave me a two-minute time limit, and I felt a little bit pressured to take the picture as fast as I can. It resulted in a not-so-perfect image but I think that adds to the experience as well.

Additionally, the app also has a Discover page, where you can see posts made by people who aren’t your friends but those who have made their posts public. And instead of likes, they let you do “reactions”—but they’re all reactions that you must make with your own face. you can see me make some kind of facial expression in the third picture above.

I don’t have any friends that use the app (My friend group barely even has TikTok…), so I can’t really say how the experience is like in full. I just now know that it’s a really fun and refreshing take on social media, and that this is something younger users are enjoying nowadays. Would you try it out? Or would you let Gen Z users have this one for themselves?


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