bengaluru: Renting flats in Bengaluru? You may need strong LinkedIn profile

Wanting to have a rented house in Bengaluru? You may require degrees from IIT, IIM and, surprisingly, a strong LinkedIn profile. This is due to the fact that landlords want to check the education qualifications, salary slips, and prospective tenants’ LinkedIn profiles before renting a home, according to reports. In Bengaluru, a few landlords are also requesting write-ups, salary stubs, and connections to their LinkedIn profiles. The house-hunting trends in Bengaluru are being shared on Twitter. On the microblogging platform, “peak Bengaluru” has emerged as a new trend, as per the reports.
Recently, a user provided a screenshot of a conversation he had on WhatsApp with a homeowner who requested his LinkedIn profile and a bio. The boy shared the unexpected conversation on Twitter. The post went viral and got mixed responses.

Earlier, a person from VIT, Vellore, was allegedly denied a flat in Bengaluru because he was not a student at IIT.

Numerous locals who have experienced similar incidents in the city have attested to the fact that such behaviors are common in Bengaluru. One of the users stated that it is not only prevalent in Hyderabad but is also happening in Bengaluru.

While a person supported the landlord’s request for the tenant’s LinkedIn page and stated that every owner would want to have a tenant who will pay monthly bills on time and cause no havoc. A background check is important for the broker’s security; do not consider it harmful.

A user wrote, “It’s really difficult to get a place in Indiranagar and Koramangala.” Another says: “This also occurs in Gurgaon.” You must send your profile. You cannot receive the house if you are not a salaried employee. The fourth person recounted her experience, saying, “Like people working in startups don’t get houses.”


  1. What are other cities that demand a linkedin profile?
    Besides Bengaluru, Indira Nagar, Gurgaon and Hyderabad.
  2. What is the name of the trend?
    Peak Bengaluru

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