BANNING BOOKS: What about TV, movies and social media?

There has been a lot of disagreement lately about what books the libraries should or should not carry. It reminds me a lot of Nazi Germany and the banning and burning of books. The easy solution, of course, is, don’t let your kids go to the library. If there is a book that offends you, don’t read it. That doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t want to.

I am wondering if the folks that are so adamant about the books their kids might read, are as concerned about what their children are watching on TV or at the theaters, with all the violence and sexual scenes that are frequently shown. Do you monitor their computers with all the porn sites you hear about? For that matter, what about the cellphones and all the social media with people sharing all kinds of photos that would be better off kept private? What do their friends have access to?

I think that before we worry about black history, LGBTQ kids and the trans population appearing in our libraries, we should address the garbage and sex trafficking that goes on via social media and so-called entertainment venues.



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