Assit. prosecutor Danielle Menning warns parents of social media trap

LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – Like it or not, social media has become part of our lives. Many parents on Facebook and Instagram enjoy sharing pictures of their kids.

While it may seem harmless, those posts might end up giving out unintended personal information to strangers.

Columbiana County Assistant Prosecutor Danielle Menning said before posting information about your child on social media, there are things to think about beforehand. An innocent photo could reveal more information than you think.

“Keep out their teacher’s name. Keep out any personal identifying information, which school they go to,” Menning said. “Sometimes, you’ll post a picture in front of your house, for example, you want to keep out anything that has your house number on it. anything that is part of your passwords, you don’t want to use that same information as you post online. You want to keep things as locked won as you can when it comes to your kids.”

That doesn’t mean to never post anything about your kids. Menning said to use and be familiar with privacy settings.

“If you choose to post that, there are a lot of ways to keep that private with privacy settings and creating groups of people that you do trust,” she said. “I would caution people to be as safe as they can online. It’s never going to hurt to be too safe, and if you’ve already posted something and you realize that your audience is public, you can go back and change it,” Menning said.

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