Artificial Intelligence To Police the World Wide Web and IP’s For Cyber Crimes Without Human Intervention

CYBERPOL, The International Cyber Policing Organization has the pleasure to announce its first Cyber Policing A.I. called “DIABLO 616 V1”.

GENEVA, GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, July 15, 2021 / — The International Cyber Policing Organization has the pleasure to announce that as from, 6th August 2021, Hiroshima day, CYBERPOL will run its first A.I. called “DIABLO 616 V1” integration using IBM Watson Extended to facilitate public consumer engagement and risks mitigation. The A.I. program will engage in direct risk mitigation of information gathered on IP monitoring and shared with partners. The test will also allow the A.I. easy deployment of computation due to its flexible architecture and easily integrate with Google’s A.I. predictive analytics to give an insight into cyber crime on the net, in particular that of cryptocurrency use. Integration of TensorFlow algorithms form part of the A.I. with aim on financial crime and is already used by eBay, Twitter, Uber, and Intel, A key feature in the A.I. will be the use of online Screen Visual Recognition & discovery in the use of “Crime in Action” similar to South Korean A.I. used to seize computers remotely whilst being online. The use of recommender engines, also known as collaborative filtering by mining user criminal behavior. The A.I. will be completely autonomous and will have full control on CYBERPOL website and it’s “Technique of classification” that helps in deciding whether a ‘thing’ justifies being a part of some type of cyber crime or not.

With Cyber Crime reaching almost $500 Billion in crypto currency scams and “BOT” theft since Jan 2021 the internet is about to change with A.I. policing. Cyber criminals and corruption will have a wakeup call. It is predicated that CYBERPOL will be completely managed by A.I. by the end of 2025 and the first step to global integration would have begun. “President Ricardo Baretzky of CYBERPOL said: “Global cyber crime is unmanageable by all law enforcement today and the reluctance of law enforcement cyber policing units to act effectively drives the solution from manual to automated cyber policing. Less than 1% of all police enforcement agents are adequately qualified to engage in any cyber investigations today.”

For example In United Kingdom Cyber Security experts found that 1.5 million organizations fell victim to cyber crime in 2019 but nearly 2.5 million victims were reported in 2020. This equates to 45% of all UK businesses alone. This despite the call by CYBERPOL for International coordinated affords to work together in the solutions in mitigation process. IP theft and brand hacking is currently one of the highest internet crimes in which law enforcement cannot effectively act due to it’s policies and lack of funding. Less than 5% of these cases are actually investigated. During 2020 global cyber crime increased by more than 300% since the beginning of the corona virus.

CYBERPOL was established by Decree, an official order that has the force of law, and was established precisely for this purpose and it’s predicted by 2025 cyber policing will be conducted mostly by Artificial Intelligence and support national authorities which will rule out the need for national authorities to obtain a court order to get access or use IP information on cyber crimes. With CYBERPOL this bypass by law the need as an A.I. can automatically capture such crimes for prosecutions and support national investigations.

CYBERPOL was established during 2015 by Royal Decree WL22/16.595 in Bruxelles under Treaty 124 as International Public Utility. It’s the only organization which has the approved Decree to monitor any IP for policing purposes without the need for a court order.

Many probably thought CYBERPOL will flash the badge, but it seems they were deeply mistaken by the authority vested in CYBERPOL to ensure CYBERPOL-NET monitor unlawful traffic activities by the cables and fiber, not by the door with suits and badges. “It’s for the national police to flash their badge and keep their national pride in heritage to the public” CYBERPOL said.

The CYBERPOL-NET Finally arrived, get ready!

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13th October 2021

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