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Artificial Intelligence Logo: Is It Really Possible?

The first step in designing a logo for a new company or project is determining which method of design best suits your needs in terms of creativity, timeliness, and budget. 


With AI becoming more popular in all areas of technology, a new wave of graphic design has come to the fore, giving bootstrapped entrepreneurs and startups an option they can afford. 


Let me introduce a new wave of technology, a fast, affordable alternative to DIY logo design, and hire a designer Ai-based logo maker!


In this blog, we will review Instant Logo Design — an AI-powered logo maker that generates custom logos for your brand, social media, and other marketing materials.


Let’s dive right in!


First impression

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Instant Logo Design’s homepage feels well-designed. The user interface is simple, and it’s easy to know where and how you can get started.


From the homepage, you can immediately see the icon where you can input your business’s name for the logo generator and see the recent logo designs made and saved by previous users.


After browsing through the website for a few minutes, I was impressed by the logo ideas page, where they showcased real logos made by previous users. In addition, you can also find and click on an existing logo design, click the edit button, and customize the logo design to make it your own.

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You can also browse through the categories and create a logo based on your niche or industry.


Logo design and logo-making process


Remember the icon or search bar I mentioned above? You start the logo design process by entering your business or logo name, then click the “Make logos” button.

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You can customize your logo with color, font preference, and voila! We are now presented with a variety of generated logo designs and ideas.


You can also click on a logo template you like, and the AI will generate more similar designs.


Once you have the logo template you like, you can click on the preview to see how it looks on mockups. 

unnamed 4 1

unnamed 5 1

unnamed 6 1

The editor is quite intelligent and can suggest various design variants automatically, so you don’t have to select any options manually. Instead, you must scroll left or right until you find the design you like.


You can also click edit to customize it as your own (we’ll go in-depth into this later!) or click buy if you’ve already set your mind on the AI-powered logo design.

unnamed 7 1

If you choose to edit, the screen will redirect you to the logo editing screen. From there, you can add symbols, and icons, change the logo’s layout, fonts, and colors, and tweak it however you want.




Instant Logo Design has three logo packages offered.

unnamed 8 1

For $29, you can get the basic package, which lets you download the logo in PNG format with a transparent background. 


The $59 professional package includes matching brand identities, Word and PPT templates, and high-resolution vector file formats. 


If you’re interested in logo animation, it is only available as part of the $99 brand package.

unnamed 9

Not only that, but Instant Logo Design also offers a designer fix option for $40. The Designer Fix calls our in-house professional designer when you need to tweak your logo, which is impossible with the logo editor.


Talk about a nice touch of bridging the gap between a simple logo generator and a pro!


ILD’s logo center

unnamed 10

You are taken directly to the logo download page after purchasing the logo. Once there, you can select the file format, the various color variations, and even the precise logo dimension you want to download.


And to save time and space on your device, you can always go back and download the necessary logo version since your entire logo is stored online.


How to design a logo?


To get you started on your logo designing journey, we’ll give you some tips to have you well on your way to designing the perfect one for your brand.

unnamed 11 1

The design strategy is a lot of work.

Just because designing something seems and sounds like it’s an easy task — it’s not. You will definitely need to make a visual at some point. However, the majority of the design work at the start is strategic. Therefore, prep yourself to do more decision-making and thinking.


It’s not just a logo.


Always remember that your logo is part of something bigger, and the individual and certain pieces need to come together so they can act and work as one.


However, every designer’s process looks different for everyone. You might want to start your designing process through:


  • Understand who your brand is, what you believe in, what you want to achieve, and how you can get there
  • Strategic thinking into how you can build your brand around a logo
  • Designing the actual logo
  • Refining
  • And defining.


Now, you might say it’s a lot — and we know how you feel. Logo designing is a lot of work, but with the help of efficient AI-powered logo makers, the logo design process is less tedious and will feel like a walk in the park!


Let’s get your logo up and running!


Instant Logo Design’s logo maker is definitely one for the books. Its efficient user interface and experience make creating logos a walk in the park. 


With hundreds of logo templates and ideas, a wide range of design styles, and efficient logo categories, it’s a no-brainer that Instant Logo Design can help you set up a logo in literal minutes.


Sure, not every AI-powered logo maker is everybody’s cup of tea, but if you decide to try it, let us know how the logo-making experience was for you!


A little something for you…


We spoke with the pros at Instant Logo Design and got a special discount code for all readers. 


Get your brand logo ready by entering SUPPORTSTARTUP at checkout to receive a 30% discount code on all logo packages.


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