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Artificial intelligence, data science spell future of health care



Gorsky A. Featured speaker Alex Gorsky, chairman of the board and CEO, Johnson & Johnson. Presented at: Octane Ophthalmology Technology Summit; July 8-10, 2021; Newport Beach, California.

Gorsky reports he is CEO of Johnson & Johnson.

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning will continue to shape health care for years to come, Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson, said at the Octane Ophthalmology Technology Summit.

“We would never have had the capability to understand the COVID-19 genome without the data science. It gave us, frankly, the computer power to understand what that looks like,” Gorsky said in an interview with Jim Mazzo, president and CEO of Avellino.

Powerful AI gave Johnson & Johnson better capabilities to develop a COVID-19 vaccine and then plan clinical trials with the sites that would offer beneficial insights into safety and efficacy, Gorsky said.

Alex Gorsky

When asked about the ongoing role of advancing technology, including AI, in health care and ophthalmology, Gorsky predicted a fundamentally changing landscape moving forward.

“I think the health care landscape is going to be fundamentally changed in so many ways by the addition not only of artificial intelligence but of data science and connectivity of so many of these emerging fields becoming more and more ubiquitous across everything that we do,” Gorsky said.

The introduction of data science and AI has the potential to change not only the landscape but also the way ophthalmologists handle patient care.

“Whether it’s AI, machine learning, connectivity, data science — all can be incorporated into fundamental tasks that I am sure many of the people listening do every day or certainly will be doing every day in the future,” Gorsky said.

Asked about the key takeaway when emerging from the pandemic, Gorsky discussed the way COVID-19 changed everybody and the importance of self-care.

“All of us have probably lost family. We’ve lost friends or know people who certainly have. I think it reminds all of us that while the tract is the business, our professional lives are so consuming, don’t forget to take care of yourselves,” Gorsky said.

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