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Artificial Intelligence Creates ‘Seinfeld’ Streaming Spinoff ‘Nothing, Forever’ On Twitch – Deadline

The show about nothing now has a spinoff about nothing.

The audience is rapidly increasing for “Nothing, Forever,” described as an AI-generated and nonsensical version of “Seinfeld” that streams on Twitch.

Motherboard reported on the show on Tuesday. The Twitch account that the show runs on is called @watchmeforever, now has more than 83,000 followers as of early Thursday, with 11,000 or more viewers taking a look at any time.

Skylar Hartle and Brian Habersberger told Motherboard that they used a combination of machine learning, generative algorithms, and cloud services to build the show.

This means that the characters are all speaking to each other using GPT-3, OpenAI’s language model, which becomes clear as the characters are often not looking at each other when they are talking and rarely make sense, although there’s a laugh track to support the bits.

That hasn’t stopped fans from flocking to the show. The running dialogue from fans is often funnier than the show, although some admit to confusion and fear of where this is all heading.

Nothing, Forever has been online since Dec. 14, but only recently blew up and came to greater attention. The good news is, the show streams constantly, putting its characters into different situations that have a definite “Seinfeld” vibe.

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