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Artificial intelligence creates an amazing interview with Steve Jobs: What did the Apple founder say?

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to take steps towards its consolidation and the creation of a podcast in which Steve Jobs is interviewed is proof of this.

The Apple founder, who died in 2011, appears with an artificially created voice in a podcast made by the company who uses the voice of Joe Rogan to simulate him being the interviewer.

The result, however, is astonishing. The conversation, which lasts 20 minutes, is the first chapter of a podcast series in which users will be able to vote on which character they want to see created for the next instalment.

The mind behind Apple’s success is interviewed by Joe Rogan, the famous presenter, and the company that has created this tool is using transcripts created with “fine-tuned language models”.

In this fictional interview, Rogan and Jobs exchanged views and discussed topics such as Apple‘s success, his religious beliefs and Steve Jobs’ experience with LSD.

Steve Jobs’ experience with LSD

Regarding Steve Jobs’ contact with this drug, the artificial voice referred to it as follows:

“It reinforced my sense of what was important. Just love, feel love for each other, awe and respect for life, love, and connection with people,” the AI version of Jobs said.

This phrase spoken by the AI was quoted by Steve Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson in his book about the Apple founder.

Steve Jobs’ AI and Joe Rogan discussed topics such as Buddhism in Jobs’ life and how it influenced his work in the company. The future of Apple was also a part of the interview: “Despite having the best products on the market, it can still continue to evolve and move forward”.

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