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Are Cool Cat NFTs The Next Big Thing? What Investors Should Know About Mike Tyson’s New Favorite NFT – Twitter (TWTR)

The market for NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, continues to see the launch of several projects featuring unique character collections minted with random character traits and levels of rarity.

One recent launch was Cool Cats, which has become one of the fastest rising NFT collections in terms of transactions and valuation.

About Cool Cats NFT: The Cool Cats collection included 9,999 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) Blockchain. Cool Cats have unique traits centered on their body, hat, face and outfit.

Each cat is given a point value from 3 to 10. The points are determined by the character traits and will be used later in contests and breeding.

The first generation included the 9,999 created NFTs from 300,000 possible combinations. Generation 2 of the Cool Cats NFTs is expected to center on breeding capabilities.

On July 9, Mike Tyson changed his profile picture to a Cool Cat and it was unveiled that he purchased one of the NFTs. The profile pic update garnered over 8,900 likes and 1,800 retweets from Tyson’s 5.6 million Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) followers.

The purchase by Tyson continues a trend of celebrities purchasing NFTs and changing their profile picture as a result.

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Rising Valuation: The Cool Cats were launched July 1 with a minting price of 0.02 Ethereum, or around $50. One full Ethereum could have minted around 48 Cool Cat NFTs.

Over the last seven days, 1,852 people have bought Cool Cats NFTs and over $7.1 million in deals have been done according to CryptoSlam ranking the asset as third in sales volume.

Over the last 30 days, $8.35 million in sales volume has been done in Cool Cats including 2,765 buyers. This ranks Cool Cats as 10th despite being on the market for far less time than the collections ranked ahead of it.

Top sales of Cool Cats over the last seven days include sales for 1.2 ETH, 0.95 ETH, 0.65 ETH and 0.60 ETH.

The average sale price of a Cool Cat is 0.66 over the last seven days.

An investment in minting 48 Cool Cats for one Ethereum ($2,114) would now be worth 31.68 Ethereum based on the average value of 0.66 ETH.

That would make the $2,114 investment worth $64,976 based on Ethereum’s price of $2,051 Monday.

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