Apple’s foldable iPhone may take two more years to arrive, USB-C port on iPhone likely

Apple is very likely working towards making the iPhone 13 launch happen in time, which is in September. That is because the iPhone is the marquee product of Apple. But the iPhone may be radically different in the future. Why? That is because Apple may introduce its first foldable iPhone in two to three years. The foldable iPhone has begun to look more like something that Samsung and other foldable makers have been fearing and less like a pipedream. Besides, Apple is also planning to replace the Lightning connector with a USB-C port.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the foldable iPhone is very much a part of the plan that involves how Apple’s hero product will look and work in the future. The iPhone, although, has changed in terms of design over the past few years, it has looked more or less the same with some changes here and there. An iPhone with a foldable display is something that will change that. In his newsletter Power On, Gurman said Apple, however, may take at least two to three more years to bring the foldable iPhone. Earlier this year, he said Apple had already built a prototype of the foldable iPhone.

I am not sure what exactly this foldable iPhone would look like, but the concepts around it have thrown in all kinds of fancy for Apple’s rival to Samsung Galaxy Fold. Gurman has even said that critics may not be happy with the design of this foldable iPhone because it may look like it has been copied blatantly from Samsung’s foldable devices. Samsung now has a good range of foldable phones and each of them follows a different design, so it is not quite clear what design is going to be an inspiration for the foldable iPhone.

While the foldable iPhone looks like a distant reality, Apple may finally be considering ending the haywire situation of charging technology for the iPhone. The current situation for charging for the iPhone involves Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable and port, which has often been criticised for the lack of universality. This might improve, however, according to Gurman. Apple may reduce the number of charger designs from the current five to just three. And this might be the beginning of Apple’s plans to replace the Lightning connector with a USB-C port, which MacBooks and iMacs already come with.

USB-C port is ubiquitous across device categories. You can find it on a smartphone, on a laptop, on headphones, and any other gadget you can think of, except the iPhone. Previous reports have indicated that Apple may be considering bringing a USB-C port to the iPhone family, but that has not happened so far.

The newsletter also talks about Apple’s plan to finally move to Silicon from Intel processors. Gurman believes that Apple will barely take two years to complete the transition of the entire Mac family from Intel to Silicon. So far, Apple has updated the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, and iMac with an M1 processor. The entire family may get Silicon latest by November 2022, according to him. This will include Apple’s M1X processor that will reportedly power the upcoming MacBook Pro this year, which Gurman said is still on track for release.

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