Andrew Tate resurfaces on TikTok and confirms he has a new social media account

Despite being banned from every social media platform going Andrew Tate has managed to reappear on TikTok and is encouraging his fans to come and meet him while he is in Croatia.

The outspoken kickboxer, who has gone viral in recent months for stirring controversy around his comments on women and masculinity, was banned from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube last week due to complaints about his content.

Tate claimed that banning him from the networks wouldn’t allow for a “kinder hate-free society” and despite the ban, he’s still been able to appear on videos on TikTok in particular.

In a recent video uploaded by @barukic Tate can be seen on yacht talking to what appears to be a large group of young men while several people wait for him on the boat.

In the clip, Tate encourages the crowd to should “f**k Instagram” before revealing that he has joined Rumble, a social media app best known for appealing to right-wing and conservative users.

“I’m on Rumble now, guys. Go to Find me on there,” Tate says in the video before saying “I’ll be in Croatia for a week. So follow me on Rumble and I’ll put up on Rumble where I’m going to be for any parties and you guys can come.”

Tate then says his goodbye’s as the crowd cheer and chant ‘Top G’ as he walks onto the boat.


TOP G #tate #tatebrothers #split #fyp #andrewtate

The above clip has already been viewed more than 5 million times on TikTok.

Tate’s Rumble account TateSpeech, has already amassed more than 320,000 followers with his latest video being viewed more than 600,000 times.

After he was banned from social media Tate also shut down his Hustler’s University affiliate scheme. He was also challenged to a ‘fight’ by KSI after the YouTuber won two boxing matches on Saturday night.

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