An Effective Way To Get Recruiters To Notice You On LinkedIn

Chris never cared about LinkedIn, and he had a flimsy, incomplete skeleton of a Profile. He had a demanding job as a manager at a large company and little time for networking. Then, he got passed over for a promotion. He had a few colleagues who had moved on in the last year, getting a more lucrative position, so he decided to look around to see if something better was out there. Chris quickly learned how important LinkedIn could be for a successful job search. When he called to inquire about career counseling help, he said, “The job market seems to be much more competitive now than it was a few months ago. I haven’t looked for a new job in quite a while and have ignored LinkedIn. Now, I hear it is essential that your Profile be impressive, but I don’t know how to do that. Can you help me?” But a better profile wasn’t all he needed. Chris had no strategy for using LinkedIn to get recruiters’ attention. So, first, we worked on developing a complete profile and pointed out some of his key accomplishments. I sprinkled some appropriate keywords throughout it, and we enacted a plan to get a recruiter’s attention.

Chris was a busy guy and said he could only dedicate 1-2 hours a week to job hunting on LinkedIn. With no clue how to reach out to recruiters, I instructed him on the most effective way to get their attention – to contact them yourself. That doesn’t mean you fire off a message that says, “Hey, I’m looking for a job. You got something?” Instead, I instructed him on how to use a technique my clients have said has been surprisingly effective and easy once you know what to do. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Identify the job title you are looking for. In Chris’s case, it was the Operations Manager.

Step 2. Create a target list by selecting 10-15 employers you’d like to work for. Be sure these are companies you’ve vetted and would be a good fit for you.

Step 3: In the LinkedIn search bar, type recruiter and select “people.”

Step 4. Go to the “current company” filter tab on the toolbar to the right of the “people” tab and select “current company. ” This will give you a drop-down menu.

The drop-down will look like this example:

Step 5: Select one company from your target list and type in the company name into the vacant “current company” top drop-down slot.

Step 6 Click on the “show results” tab at the bottom of the drop-down company menu.

Step 7. Carefully review the list and eliminate any recruiter with no picture, or that says, “campus recruiter”. If you are not a tech person, eliminate the technical recruiters too. (Note: if you are a tech worker, then, and only then, you should select to contact the tech recruiter).

Step 8 Find and hit the “connect” tap. This gives you the option to add a note. Leave it blank and hit send. You always want to make the connection first. Once the recruiter gets the request, they’ll accept it and look at your profile. Now you have reached someone who can open the door to a new company. If they have any interest, they’ll reach out to you. Do this for all the recruiters on your targeted list. You may need to break these invitations up, sending no more than 20 in one day or 100 in any one week, as LinkedIn limits how many you can send in a week.

One Work Around: if the recruiter only has the “follow” label showing, you must click on the person’s name to send a connection invite. This takes you to their profile. Just under the name, you’ll see three tabs. Follow, Message, More. Select “More”. This will give you a drop-down menu with the connect option. Select that and hit send.

This strategy is more work than being passive and hoping recruiters find you. But by being proactive in following this technique, you can get a recruiter’s attention when they likely would never have found you. You never know what job openings they may be hiring for, but it might be the exact one you want.

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