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Amouranth’s OnlyFans benefited from Twitch ban

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Amouranth and Indiefoxx has run into a bit of a boulder with their respective bans on Twitch for sexualizing their ASMR streams but that has played right into Amouranth’s hand with her OnlyFans gaing traction like never before.

Amouranth in the past has suffered for her suggestive content, most notably when Twitch demonetized her channel to crack down on “Hot Tub” streams, even after re-monetization her earnings are nowhere near as they used to be. More recently, her ASMR streams was found to overtly sexualized in Twitch’s eye which ended up in her getting a brief suspension from the platform.

With her being away from Twitch for a while, fans can’t seem to hold their horses for her get to back which triggered an influx of subscribers on her OnlyFans.

“587 new subs on OF since the ban mere hour or two ago” Tweeted Amouranth.

Its is a widely known fact that for the likes of Amouranth, OnlyFans make up for the majority of their revenue stream ahead of Twitch. A GIF accompanied her Tweet, where an evident mockery of it can be noticed.

Twitch is yet to paint a clearer picture when setting the guidelines for ASMR streams or they are on their way towards another “Hot Tub” situation which maybe harder to deal with if it blows up like “Hot Tub” streams did.

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