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KOCHI: When the Covid pandemic and the lockdown restrictions forced society to stay at home, people started switching to the digital mode. Movies started releasing on OTT platforms as screening at theatres became impossible. The social media influencers and digital content creators also made waves
during the age of the new normal.

Digital content creators Ajmal Khan, Saraf Sabith, Aju Philip, and Aishwarya Gunjal decided to take advantage of the new boom and launched Fabsquad media — a digital marketing and content creation company to bring all the potential influencers under one fold.

“We have been content creators for many years. So we could easily connect with the difficulties faced by the new influencers on social media. May it be coping with cyberbullying or revenue generation,” says Saraf, a  social media content creator and co-founder of Fabsquad media. 

The team aims to help the content creators of South India. Fabsquad is one among the five company’s directly working with Instagram in ‘Reels Creator Program’, a programme to promote content creation in India. “We focus on many social media platforms like Instagram, Moj, Facebook, etc. Many influencers didn’t know how to source income and worked for brand promotions without getting paid enough. We help them to receive better pay. We gathered the influencers under the same umbrella, calling it influencers house,” says Aju, co-founder of Fabsquadmedia. 

Though the media started three years ago, the company got registered and started functioning full-time last year. The team has gathered more than 2,000 influencers from varied social media apps. “We guide the new and established influencers either communicating personally or in groups. We give them an idea about the algorithm of each app, provide tips to enhance the quality, generating niche content, etc,” explains Aju. 

Revenue generation 
The main motive was to generate revenue monthly. “The idea is to make online content creation a regular job. At the same time we don’t encourage anyone to quit their jobs or studies to become a content creator,” says Ajmal. When brands and apps approach Fabsquad with product promotions, they’ll provide a list of their content creators. 

Changing perspectives
“Many a times content creators are considered as hooligans and jobless. This has to change,” says Saraf. The team says if the creators are making revenue, stays true to their work, they don’t have to worry about societal stereotypes. Aju says even now many people consider only a 9 to 5 job or a government job as a profession. “I studied physiotherapy, and I dropped out after I found my niche in content creation. Now I earn more than any of my colleagues. I believe we are successful when we generate income doing what we love,” says Aju. 

A home for influencers
Content creation company Fabsquad launched last year aims to bring all the new and experienced influencers from South India under one fold. The team has already gathered more than 2,000 influencers from varied social media apps. 

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