5 NFT Guides and Resources for Beginners to Understand Non-Fungible Tokens

What are NFTs, how do they work, and who should you ask about them? Here are five resources to learn about NFTs for beginners, whether you’re a digital creator making them or an investor interested in buying them.

Some say NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a fad. Others see them as the future of how collector items work in a digital age. But hey, people are spending millions of dollars on it, like the World Wide Web selling for $5.4 million. You can’t ignore NFTs anymore. It’s in your best interest to learn about them, in whichever manner possible.

1. 15 Minute Guide to NFTs (Ebook): Simplest Explanation to Understand NFTs

NFT expert Matt Garcia wrote the most comprehensive guide for beginners to understand NFTs and how the market works. The ebook claims to teach you everything you need to know in 15 minutes. In my personal experience, it took half an hour, but that’s because the brain needs to settle in while learning new concepts.

Garcia stays away from jargon in his book and employs a conversational tone rather than a teaching tone. It works well to make new concepts seem easier to understand, especially with examples of real-world analogies. At some points, you might need to google what he’s talking about, but you’ll never need more than a quick online reference.

While we usually try to showcase free resources in these articles only, Garcia’s Kindle ebook costs only a dollar and is worth so much more than that. That said, if you still want a free read, check out our own explainers on what is an NFT and what do you actually own when you buy an NFT.

2. NFT Times (YouTube): Best YouTube Channel to Learn About NFTs

Given the rise of NFTs in the recent past, it’s no surprise that many YouTube creators are jumping on the bandwagon to explain what it’s all about. They’re not necessarily experts on the subject though, nor dedicate a channel to it. The exception is Mr. Fungible and his channel NFT Times.

Mr. Fungible is a digital marketer, and the channel’s main aim is to help creators learn how to create, promote, and sell NFTs. He gives a nice mix of practical advice, applying insights from digital marketing to the new land of NFTs. Largely, his videos fall into one of four playlists: how to sell NFT artwork, the best NFT platforms, NFT opportunities, and NFT Facts.

Of these, the last one is aimed more at education and is useful even for beginners. So, please take the NFT opportunities with a pinch of salt and do your own research rather than investing based on one person’s advice.

3. How to NFT? (Web): Free Resources to Learn How to Create NFTs

Most of the online explanations on NFTs deal with it as a buyer, collector, or investor. But if you’re an artist trying to sell your digital creations, how do you go about making it happen? How to NFT is a collection of resources for creators to learn how to mint NFTs.

The website offers a simple step-by-step guide to everything you need to do to sell on major NFT marketplaces. You’ll also learn about gas fees (the price of computing effort required for the blockchain behind NFTs) and get a quick comparison across different markets.

The developers aim to empower creators with simple ways to make their own NFT item and sell it. Currently, a screenshot guide is only available for Mintable, but they seem to have upcoming spaces for Rarible, OpenSea, SuperRare, and Foundation.

4. Forum NFT and r/NFT (Web): Online Forums and Discussion Boards for NFT Talk

Where do you go if you want to ask a question about NFTs? Two forums provide most of the answers you’ll need.

Forum NFT is a simple question-answer board. Register for the site to post a new question or answer an existing one. You can quickly sort the current discussions by most answered, most visited, most voted, recent, no answers, and bumped questions. You can also sort topics by tags in the sidebar. It’s a pretty new community but seems to be gaining traction as a place for beginners to ask questions about NFTs freely.

Reddit’s main NFT community at r/NFT can be a little overwhelming for NFT beginners. That said, they do have some helpful stickied posts like the starting guide to NFTs, which is an excellent read. The subreddit is a good place to get updates on what’s happening in the world of NFTs, but you can also ask questions and start discussions. It’s a very active community currently, so you should get replies quickly.

You might also want to check out the NFT Showroom Discord channel. This real-time chat room comes from a website that is a virtual marketplace, but the community of users is generally helpful about all topics related to NFTs.

The NFT industry is shaped by digital creators and influential traders. Given that it is still in its nascent stage, the more you learn about the people involved in the industry, the better you will understand how it is growing and changing. Two podcasts are doing a great job of speaking to the people to find out more.

In NFT Origin Stories, hosts RD and Parrot speak to digital artists to understand the history behind their NFTs. After all, you can’t separate the art from the artist entirely, so the more you know, the more you’ll appreciate it. It’s beneficial for creators to learn how others got started, but it’s also insightful for investors. They also sometimes do livestreams to discuss the latest in NFTs, which is educational in itself.

In Edge of NFT, hosts Eathen Janney, Jeff Kelley, and Joshua Kriger speak to various players on how they are using NFTs in new ways. It’s a fascinating series of interviews on different NFT topics, like gaming, music, virtual horse racing, charity, and so much more.

NFTs Are Exciting, But Tread With Caution

Once you understand the value of NFTs and why they are being seen as the future of collectible items, it’s easy to get swept up in the buzz. But be careful. Right now, this is still a new phenomenon, and the NFT market has seen collapses already.

The best thing you can do is to use the resources in this article to learn more. If you observe how the NFT world evolves and grows and teach yourself with reliable information, you’ll make the right choices.

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