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5 Advanced Technology Used By Major Social Media Sites

Jenna Walter

The technology of social media in itself is of a very advanced nature. But there are certain technologies on which all social media sites operate and are constantly evolving. As more and more people are getting exposed to social media, these developments continue to take place. Advanced technologies filter out the right content for the right people and help social media influencers to connect with their targeted audience with no difficulty.

One of the best examples of how creators connect with their audiences is TikTok. TikTok is a great platform on which creators can increase their reach. One may also buy TikTok Likes cheap to get a good deal of engagement on their handle and it is the easiest way to stand above the competition.

Let’s look at the advanced technologies used by major social media sites –

1.               AI (artificial intelligence) – Have you ever wondered why you always come across posts only of your interest. This is exactly the job of artificial intelligence; providing personalized content. AI keeps track of your activity and interests and then presents before you the best content in that domain. User security is also facilitated with the help of AI as it uses user authentication, pattern detection, etc. to keep the user data safe and maintain privacy. AI is used by major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Conclusively, AI plays the biggest role in providing the best user experience.

2.               Influencer Marketing – It is no longer a reality where celebrities dominate the influencing domain by featuring in T.V ads. Influencer marketing is at the state of saturation all because of the internet and social media platforms. What keeps influencer marketing still alive is that every influencer is expertized in his/her domain or sub-domain. Example – Tech YouTube channels sponsor mobile phones and laptops. Influencers build some trust between them and their followers before trying to sell some product or services. The new trend in influencer marketing is not perfectly edited aesthetic pictures but genuine and real photographs with limited editing.

3.               Privacy and security – Ensuring the privacy and security of user data is a major issue concerning social media. Social media sites are easy to target for hackers to obtain personal information. Hackers use different methods to gain access to your account, some of them are social spam, link-jacking, phishing, etc. All social media sites are continually working on providing better security and privacy to their users by using technologies such as multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA ensures security by asking for two or more pieces of evidence of the user’s identity.

4.               Augmented reality (AR) – If you are a Snapchat user, you must have used bitmoji. Not only the bitmoji but the lenses and filters Snapchat provides fall under AR. There is speculation of taking AR to a different level by making virtual stores, live events, etc. AR is so advanced that it uses your device’s inputs to capture sound, video, and other sensory inputs to give you a unique experience.

5.               Communication method – Social Media has completely changed the way we interact with people, not only on a personal level but also from a professional standpoint. Businesses are now more focused on marketing their products and services digitally than on a personal level. The 2020 pandemic has enhanced this change even further.

Given the various technical advantages and advancements of social media, it is more than obvious that it will continue to grow in the coming years. If you’re looking forward to building your influence on TikTok, Try TikTok The website helps you to grow your presence on TikTok by selling you likes, followers, views, and even comments.

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