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Onlyfans & Being Mentally-Ill (Not Clickbait)

it is 3 am and I am trying to promote my new podcast with my best friend Nora!! it is out now, available on iTunes (search: “SMFD” & you will find it) My previous video actually includes a 3 minute preview of our first episode & in with that video, I try to explain in-depth what exactly our podcast will entail, why we started one, etc. I might be not s*ber in this video, but pls go listen to our new podcast cuz I really do love doing it & its one of the only things that distracts me from being constantly depressed lmfao love u kweefies thank u for being so nice to me & all my friends its so sweet to see ur guys’ comments & compliments & u make it so much fun for me to continue doing what I luv lol leave a comment if u actually read this full description.. just comment “are you a woman?” so I know you’re a loyal day 1 kweefie who actually took the time out of your day to read this xP anyways heres the direct link to our podcast if u have an android or just don’t wanna look it up in iTunes:

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