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Harry Spencer Commentary: Spygate and Huntergate

Harry Spencer Commentary: Spygate and Huntergate

It was hard to tell last week which story was the major story coming out of Washington DC. 

We had Hunter Biden, Eric Swalwell and the distribution of the vaccine to fight Covid. 

Let’s start with Hunter because every day a new revelation about him hits the news. 

We have often bemoaned the fact that we do not have a sleuth like Sherlock Holmes around anymore. His logical mind might help us to understand how the Hunter Biden story began and what its ramifications might be. So let’s channel our inner Sherlock and begin by asking a few pertinent questions. 

• Does Air Force 2 ever leave the ground without the president’s knowledge? 

• Was Vice President Biden sent to China on some sort of official business?

• Why was Hunter Biden taken along for the ride as he had no official government title?

• On the very long trip over, are we to believe that father and son had absolutely no conversation about what Hunter’s role might be?

• While in China, what did the VP offer in exchange for his son getting the tidy sum of 1.5 billion dollars? Perhaps the Chinese like the way Hunter parted his hair.

• On the equally long trip back home are we to believe, as Joe has often stated, there was no discussion between him and his son relative to the latters overseas dealings?

If the answers to the forgoing ever come to light the mystery might be solved. 

An interesting premise that was recently deemed false was one raised by the mainstream media and many Democrat politicians was that all of the Hunter allegations were merely Russian disinformation. 

As it has been revealed that Hunter has been under investigation since 2018, the false media has once again been scraping egg off their face. Of course, the liberal media gets a splattering of the yellow stuff on a regular basis as seen by recent TV clips of both commentators and experts noting that Trump’s claims of a vaccine by year’s end were poppycock. 

Even Kamala Harris, when she is not practicing her horse laugh that she employs when she cannot answer a pertinent question, is now lining up to receive the vaccine which she said she would never do if Trump’s name was associated with it. 

Apparently Kamala envisioned a wild-eyed Trump hovering over test tubes in his private lab concocting the vaccine. Suffice to say the rapid development of the vaccine is just another example of Trump doing what he said he would do despite the naysayers. 

THE SWALWELL ENIGMA. While Swalwell has been one of the loudest voices pushing the narrative that there was Russian collusion in the 2016 election he has also been a strong advocate for removing tariffs on China. This comes as no surprise because the fact that a Chinese female, labeled as a spy, was very influential in raising money for many of his campaigns. She was also the one who succeeded in placing a Chinese intern in his office. The main concern that many lawmakers have is that Swalwell continues to remain on the sensitive Intel committee. Despite all this, the oblivious Nancy Pelosi has no trouble in keeping him on that committee. 

What is most intriguing about this spygate story is the fact that the Chinese were able to spot early on that Swalwell might be worth investing in for whatever future purpose they might have. While it is a moot question whether or not there was any pillow talk between Swalwell and the spy, there are a slew of photographs of the two together over a long period of time. 

Late last week the FBI finally gave a briefing to both Pelosi and minority leader McCarthy. The public was not given much information about the content of the briefing. For his part Swalwell has remained noncommittal and has avoided questions from the media. 

Washington DC has a long and vivid history when it comes to sex and money. This latest imbroglio has all the elements of an international scandal. In general, the Chinese have always been well known for their extreme amount of patience. This is well illustrated in the Swalwell matter because they cultivated him for a number of years. It will be interesting to see if Pelosi changes her mind about his committee appointment after receiving the FBI update.

Harry Spencer is a 75-year resident of Nevada and a freelance writer living in Reno.

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