What’s Behind Election Problems, Central Park Music and Roller-Skaters

What’s Behind Election Problems, Central Park Music and Roller-Skaters

Posted on October 26, 2020 at 10:21 am by West Sider

Photo in Central Park by Stephen Harmon.

October 26, 2020 Weather: Misty/foggy, with a high of 53 degrees.

Our calendar is full of local events.

The West Side Democrats tell us they’re holding a virtual watch party for Election Night via Zoom. “It’s going to be a fun UWS gathering of like minded Democrats as we watch the returns come in together.” Link to RSVP here.

Wonder why city elections often seem dysfunctional? It’s worth understanding the patronage system at the NYC Board of Elections, whose structure is controlled by the state and is mostly staffed by people chosen by local party bosses. And the people who work there tend to do things like watch Netflix during work and head out to go shopping, former employees told the Times. “As the workings of American democracy have become more complex — with sophisticated technology, early voting and the threat of foreign interference — New York has clung to a century-old system of local election administration that is one of the last vestiges of pure patronage in government, a relic from the era of powerful political clubhouses and Tammany Hall,” the Times reported.

Composer Ellen Reid created an app connected to GPS that will play different music depending on where you are in Central Park. NPR interviewed her. “After Reid composed the music, members of the New York Philharmonic recorded their parts remotely. She and an engineer mixed them together, and then Reid walked through the entire park with a sound designer to beta test where and how the music is triggered.”

The famed roller-skaters of Central Park are back for their 31st year, though some things have changed, ABC reports. “Coronavirus has impacted these dance skaters, like all New Yorkers. Jamie “J-Love” Rivera recently laced up her skates for the first time since losing her father, a beloved pediatrician, to COVID-19. ‘It feels really nice to be back on skates,’ Rivera said. ‘It feels like I’m coming to therapy when I come to the circle. It just felt like I was free again.’ Davis encourages all skaters to wear masks and keep six feet from others. The CPDSA has even designed its own line of roller skate-themed masks.”

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