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‘Long-shot’ Facebook post helps mom of man with autism find money lost in Clay

‘Long-shot’ Facebook post helps mom of man with autism find money lost in Clay

By Erica Thomas, managing editor

CLAY — Social media brought a community together on Monday to help a man who lost money on a trip to Subway.

Connie Sides said she took her son Bob for lunch to Subway off Deerfoot Parkway, in Clay. The outing was unusual because the pandemic has made it difficult for the family to venture out.

Bob, who has autism, doesn’t always understand the importance of social distancing. So, he was very excited when his mom took him to the deli.

“This was his first time out because it’s hard to get out with him with the masks and social distancing,” said Sides. “We had to be out of the house today and we went to Subway because he had been asking to go to Subway.”

The lunch went well but on the way home, Bob realized his cash, which he calls his “dollas” were missing.

“On the way home he said, ‘oh no, my dollas fell out of my pocket!” Sides explained. “I told him we would look when I could stop, but I was going down the interstate and couldn’t look. So, we stopped and got out and looked and we couldn’t find them.”

Bob, “the gentle giant” loves horses. Photo: Connie Sides.

Sides’ friend went to Subway and no money had been found. So, Sides took to social media.

“I posted it in ‘What’s Happening in Trussville’ just to see,” said Sides.

In the post, Sides stated, “If anyone knows who may have found it, it would mean the world to us to get it back for him. He has been panicking since he realized it fell out of his pocket. I know it’s a long shot, but I’m hopeful someone knows the person that found it.”

It didn’t take long for the reactions. Hundreds of reactions and comments.

“You know that people are nice and we always loved our neighbors but I just wasn’t expecting that,” said Sides.

People even offered to donate to help Bob replace his lost “dollas”.

“And when I got back on there it was just crazy,” said Sides. “The reaction was just…I squalled!”

But the best news came when Sides learned a man named Daniel Plunkett had found the money. He contacted her on Facebook and planned to meet to return the money.

“I think it’s important for people to see the kindness of other people,” said Sides. “I’m excited that Bob’s getting his money back and it makes my heart feel so good that so many people were willing to help him, but I also think it’s important to remember that Daniel didn’t have to step up and say he found the money. I want people to know who he is because that was huge for us.”

Plunkett, who did not want the story to be about him, said he just wanted to give the $100 back to Bob.

“I’m just glad it gave people hope in other people and maybe encouraged someone to help out in a similar situation in the future,” Plunkett said.

It is unclear what Bob will spend his money on, but he is thankful to have it back. He collects Disney movies, so it is possible his first purchase will be a new DVD. His hard-earned money from chores and birthdays is sure to go towards a smile for the 29-year-old with a big heart.

“He is literally the sweetest person I’ve ever met,” Sides said about Bob.

The sweet moment that Bob, “the gentle giant,” as Connie calls him, found out his money was discovered, was captured on video by Connie Sides. The reaction was priceless. You can watch that video below.

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