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Deaf U: Where To Find The Cast On Instagram

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If you’re interested in some cyber sleuthing, find the Deaf U cast’s Instagram handles, where they share cute photos and open up about the show.

Netflix’s Deaf U has gained a huge audience thanks to the streaming platform’s major reach. The cast is made up of twenty-something students attending the world’s only higher education institution dedicated to catering to the deaf and hard-of-hearing: Gallaudet University.

The cast is comprised of bold and memorable individuals. An official Instagram page for the show started posting Deaf U content a couple of days before the premiere, which was on October 9. Fans can follow to keep up with news of the stars, enjoy Deaf U-related laughs, and more. As for the stars themselves, we’ve rounded up the cast’s Instagram links for any fan who wants to get their snoop on. Get reading to get swiping.

Cheyenna Clearbrook

Cheyenna Clearbrook is the first of six main characters on Deaf U. She is a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber and self-proclaimed social media influencer. This firecracker’s Instagram shows the audience that she thrives being on screen! She shares tidbits of her life and her favorite fashionable looks. Check out a truly memorable outfit in the post below:

Rodney Burford

Deaf U‘s self-proclaimed “f*ck boy” is, unfortunately, not on Instagram. To get to know this cast member more, fans will just have to watch the show.

Tessa Lewis

One of Gallaudet’s elites, Tessa’s Instagram is @tessazabrina. Her bio, “love and light,” is a little misleading given the drama she is involved with on the show. Nevertheless, her posts are oozing love and light, as she poses in front of beautiful sceneries with wine in tow. Wondering what that looks like? See the post below:

Alexa Paulay-Simmons

Hawaii native Alexa Paulay-Simmons is another “elite.” Alexa’s Instagram biography tells us that she is “notoriously flamboyant” and “sorta boring… sorta cool.” Take a look at one of her cute posts below:

Renate Rose

Memorable for her sultry spoken word performance, Renate Rose is a queer member of Deaf U‘s cast. The pansexual and outspoken activist opened up in an Instagram caption while posting about the show. “This is really close to my heart because I got a chance to share my deepest emotions, my inner struggles, and my accomplishments,” she said. She also shared a video of the trailer a couple of days before the show was released:

Daequan Taylor

From looking at his Instagram, Daequan doesn’t seem to be much of a social media user. However, he dedicated a recent post to his late mother, saying “I just wish you was here to see and experience it with me.” His note also touches on the newfound success and support he’s gained by being part of the show. See the sweet post below:

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Dear ma, they love your baby boy lol. It’s crazy I never thought in a million years I would be on tv better yet Netflix. Now I hundreds of supporters (I believe fans isn’t a good word) saying I inspire and motivate them smh. I just wish you was here to see and experience it with me. I got Gif, paid interviews, promo offers, ma it’s crazy. I love you with everything I love. Don’t worry about anyone anymore. I got them. Please rest and continue to watch over me. Save a seat so I can tell you everything when I get up there. ❤️ To all my supporters from the bottom of my soul F*** a heart, my soul I appreciate every word, gesture, and reaching out that you have given me. This means so much to me, my family, and god knows how much to my mom. I promise to keep going hard and never stop. Love you all and once again I’m not grateful enough. I come from nuuuunthannnng. Still so unreal. Hope all is Well and God Bless 🤟🏿

A post shared by Daequan D. Taylor (@d_taylor14) on Oct 11, 2020 at 11:52am PDT

Dalton Taylor

Dalton Taylor is one of the shyer members of the Deaf U cast. It seems like his Internet persona follows suit, as his Instagram is also unavailable to the public.

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