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Viral Video Shows Bronny James Smoking What Appears To Be Marijuana, Fans Come To His Defense

A picture of LeBron James and his son.

A video that appears to show Bronny James smoking marijuana has gone viral, sparking many fans to come to the defense of the top high school basketball prospect and son of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

As Page Six reported, the viral clip shows the 15-year-old point guard smoking what many believed to be a blunt. The video was originally posted to his Instagram stories, but was soon removed, though not quickly enough as screenshots of the clip circulated on social media.

As the report noted, there were plenty of differing opinions on his actions. Though there was no confirmation that the cigar-shaped object contained marijuana, many believed that taking drugs was unwise for a teenager with aspirations of following his father’s footsteps into the NBA.

Some joked that the younger James would be in trouble when his father returns with the family. LeBron James is currently leading the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Western Conference Finals from within the league’s bubble in Orlando, where many players have been without their families for weeks.

But many others did not see the issue with Bronny James smoking, if that was indeed what he was doing in the clip. Others said that the high schooler is facing unfair scrutiny simply because of his dad’s fame.

“Only reason I’m mad at Bronny (not that my opinion matters lol) is because he knows who he is and who his father is,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Slipping up like that was dumb. I’m sure that was meant for his close friends. Only reason it’s gonna get blown out of proportion is because he’s Bronny James.”


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LeBron James has spoken about the idea of remaining in the league for several more years so that he could play with his son.

“I’m 33, [LeBron James Jr.] is 13…. If he has a chance [to play in the league], and it seems like he can make it, you got to,” the Los Angeles Lakers star said, via ESPN.

The high school standout has started to gain some fame beyond the basketball court. As The Inquisitr reported, he recently joined the eSports powerhouse organization FaZe Clan, where he will play games and create content under the moniker FaZe Bronny.

The family apparently did not comment on the viral video of the younger James smoking an unknown substance. Page Six reported that reps for the NBA star did not return requests for a comment.

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