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Viral Video of Mother Raccoon Painstakingly Lifting Baby Out of Flowing Water is Winning Internet

A family of racoons has been going viral on the internet | Image for representation | Credit: Reuters

In the video, two curious racoon cubs accidentally ended up in a creek and though all of the cubs climbed up with the help of the ladder, one of them could not get itself to climb the rung.


The one thing that gets us all going in these tough times is hope and a recent video on Facebook by Wild Charles gave netizens just that. The footage winning hearts of us all shows a resilient mother trying to save her baby raccoon who is stuck in a creek.

The curious cubs accidentally went down a creek and though all of the cubs climbed up with the help of the ladder, one of them could not get itself to climb the rung. However, we see the heroic entry of the mother raccoon who climbs down the wall to save her baby. The flow of the water kept pushing the cub away from the ladder and even after its mother came down to carry it up the wall the baby kept slipping away.

The video also shows another cub waiting for its mother and sibling on one of the steps of the rung. The three-minute video is nothing short of a thriller as the audience is at the edge of their seats guessing if the baby raccoon could reunite with its family. The mother raccoon had to climb the wall back and forth multiple times as the cub kept slipping from its mother’s grip, while the anxious sibling overlooked the entire process in frustration.

Yet finally the mother raccoon grabbed her child by the mouth and carried it up the wall and the anxious sibling breathed a sigh of relief like the rest of us.

Netizens hailed the motherhood of animals and humans alike. As user Kanjana Athapattu commented, “It’s motherhood. Mom is the best. Humans and an Animals there’s no difference Mom is the best in this world”.

Some users praised the mother raccoon’s patience, while others found her ordeal hilarious. While some users pointed out the anxious cub on the ladder who was getting in the way of the mother. User Renee Davis commented, “What was funny was the, one kit kept the following mom up and down, getting in the way of mom, just like kids do. Lol (sic)”. Another user Lonnie Sandberg commented, “You could almost hear her telling the first one up the ladder to just stay there so she could get the second one up, but it just wouldn’t listen”.

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