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How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Business – Forbes


If you have a phone, you can start a business.

Although it has only been 30 years since the internet became commercially available to consumers, it is safe to say, the way business is conducted has completely changed, in many cases … for the better.

As of 2019, a surprising 10% of Americans (roughly 30 million people) own their own business. And while a website is a great place to start, businesses must also exist on social media in order to stay relevant, grow brand awareness, and increase opportunities for customer growth. 

One of the best platforms for this? Instagram.

If you think it isn’t possible to grow a community organically, realize that 1 billion people use Instagram every month, and that number continues to grow. So while some business and personal accounts have already hit the six or seven figure audience count, that doesn’t mean you can’t too … and actually profit from the platform.

I am not going to claim that if you put some pretty pictures on an Instagram account you’ve created a magical portal to attract clients ready to buy from you. But, I do firmly believe that if you leverage the app correctly, it is a powerful tool for opportunity.

This is why I reached out to Natalie Elis, co-founder and CEO of BossBabe, one of the fastest growing online communities of ambitious women, who grew an organic following on Instagram of over 2.4 million followers. Who better to provide insight than someone who truly walks the walk on the ‘gram!

Here are the 6 top tips Natalie shared to grow your audience and business using Instagram.

Tip #1: Create quality followers over your quantity of followers.

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