Skilled in the Art: Amazon’s Freaky Thursday in ND-Cal + Weil Sticks Bio-Rad Judgment + Paul Weiss, Gibson, Arnold & Porter and Baker Botts Add Laterals –

Welcome to Skilled in the Art. I’m IP reporter Scott Graham. When you’re one of the world’s largest tech companies, you have to manage a lot of patent litigation. Still, I’m guessing it’s unusual to go back-to-back marathon hearings in the same judicial district on the same day. That’s what faced Thursday in the Northern District of California. In the morning it was asking Judge Beth Labson Freeman for $6.1 million in exceptional case attorneys fees. By afternoon, with co-defendants Google and Walmart, it was asking Judge Jon Tigar to block a rerun of a highly publicized 2012 trial. Grab a chair, spare me a few minutes, and I’ll share some highlights. Plus, Weil Gotshal cements Bio-Rad‘s win over 10x Genomics, and Gibson Dunn, Paul Weiss, Arnold & Porter and Baker Botts reel in lateral partners.


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