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Lockdown measures may be easing for some. But with the pandemic continuing to flare up around the world, it’s unlikely that most of us will be visiting galleries, museums, theatres, concert venues or anywhere else creatively inspiring any time soon. And as for networking, you probably shouldn’t expect to be attending a creative conference, meetup or art show for some months to come.

So whether you’re looking for creative inspiration or to make new connections, social media is going to be your safest bet for a while. But if you just remain stuck in your normal echo chamber of friends and acquaintances, that can still turn out to be pretty limited. 

To help you expand your social horizons, then, we’ve gathered together in one post some of the best creativity related hashtags around right now. Stick these into Twitter and Instagram and you’ll soon encounter fresh ideas, amazing work and new people to follow and network with. 

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01. #MuseumFromHome 

One of the best hashtags to come out of 2020, a year when few of us have been able to visit physical museums, #MuseumFromHome is all about creatives sharing a single work of art or artefact that they love. The brainchild of museum worker Sacha Coward, it’s a great way to find new and unexpected sources of creative inspiration. There’s also a French version, #cultureàdomicile. 

02. #ToonMe

Another new hashtag for 2020, #toonme was launched by artist and illustrator René Córdova back in January. As we reported at the time, it basically involves taking a selfie and painting over it, with as much imagination and originality as you can muster. Scrolling through all the different takes on the challenge is super-inspirational, and taking part yourself can be a great way to flex your creative muscles and get some extra attention online.

03. #PortfolioDay

✨ARTIST SHOWCASE // MEET TALIA ✨ Talia Skyles is a full-time art student and freelance illustrator/visual development artist, primarily for video games and children’s books. Her interest in art started young, but she didn’t consider pursuing it as a career until her freshman year of college. “I was originally planning to major in History (which I still love), but after some reflection, I realized that art was my true life’s passion. So I made the scary decision to change my plans and enroll in art school. I’m so happy I did.” Talia describes her current work as “colorful, emotionally expressive illustrations with a sprinkle of fantasy.” Inspired by Disney/Pixar films, Impressionism, Rembrandt-era master portraits, and various fantasy novels, she often blends these motifs with strong female subjects to create portraits that feel classical and modern all at once. “I’m interested in themes of empowerment, so my work often depicts women who feel comfortable and confident in their skin and aren’t afraid of taking up space.” She’s also intrigued by color and light and enjoys exploring its impact on the composition, emotion, and storytelling of her work. 📸 @saphiraas 🐦 🌐 #BlackArtistsMatter #illustration #illustrationartist #characterart #characterartist #characterillustration #drawingwhileblack #ArtShare #PortfolioDay #GirlPower #VisibleWomen West Studio

A photo posted by @weststudionews on Jul 27, 2020 at 4:52pm PDT

Want to get your portfolio out there, and seen by people who might never otherwise encounter your work? Created by designer Audrey Gonzalez, Portfolio Day happens everything three months, and is a day for artists, designers, animators and photographers to share their portfolio or showreel on Instagram and Twitter. Apart from the opportunities to make new connections, it’s also a good way to get into the habit of updating your portfolio regularly. 

Portfolio Day is supposed to be the second Tuesday of the month, every three months, although given the confusing nature of timezones and the generally chaotic way that social media operates, it tends to go on for quite a few days. Learn more in our article What is #portfolioday

04. #ScreenShotSaturday

#Screenshotsaturday is all about indie game artists and developers sharing their latest works in progress. Apart from the joy of sharing your work and getting feedback on it (which, by the general standards of social media, is usually pretty constructive), it’s a useful way of measuring your progress and motivate you to keep moving forward. 

05. #VisibleWomen

As the name suggests, the #VisibleWomen hashtag is about young women meeting female role models and mentors in male-dominated industries. And while it’s not specific to the creative industries, it has been enthusiastically adopted by female creatives as a way of making connections and sharing work. 

06. #ArtVsArtist

One of the problems of sharing highly visual work on social media is that the work gets lots of likes, but no one really makes the connection between it and you. That’s exactly what the hashtag #ArtVsArtist is designed to overcome. The idea is that you post images of your work alongside a photograph of yourself. Typically, people post a group of eight pictures, framing a photo of yourself in the centre. 

Many creatives are reluctant to throw themselves into the spotlight, but this hashtag gives you the perfect excuse. And if others can put a face to your name, it really does help in building connections and attracting new work. Learn more in our article ArtVsArtist puts artists in the spotlight.

07. #Inktober

Struggling to get followers or attention on social media? Then one way you can attract eyeballs is by taking part in one of the regular creative challenges that take place on Instagram and Twitter, such as #IllustrationFriday or #DailyDrawing. One of the biggest creative challenges happens every October, when the #Inktober hashtag encourages you to share new work drawn in ink, every day throughout the month. 

Apart from the potential for exposure, developing the discipline to share a finished piece every 24 hours can be a great way to raise your creative game. You can find more tips on how to make the most of Inktober in this article.

08. #ArtShare

Another effective way to share your follower base on social media is by drawing on the power and influence of your fellow creatives, even those you’ve never talked to, via the #ArtShare hashtag on Twitter. It’s very much a two-way stream: the more you share other people’s art, the more likely they are to reciprocate. 

09. #HourlyComicDay 

Hourly Comic takes place on 1 February, and encourages creatives to depict the details of their day-to-day lives in comic book form. Even if you’re not a comic artist, you can take part, because the emphasis here is not on smooth and polished work, but quick and energetic sketches filled with a sense of fun. 

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